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Inhale exhale

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Great message. Yes it helps to look for the good, the joy in life wherever you can find it.

Glad you’re looking for your inspiration

I’m always hopeful even when I was kidnapped and tortured 😖 I still felt optimistic of my saviour

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I’m sorry that you were in that situation. I’m glad you’re free now. Yes God is always with us. Glad you know him.



That's a wonderful sentiment and one to hold on to and stay strong by most certainly! Blessings :)


Hi recovering_son you have realised that love is a powerful emotion, I was battered when I was a baby by a psycho and spent 16 months in hospital and used to have screaming nightmares. As I matured I realised that it was history and my history and whats really important to me is what I say and do as that is all I am in control of...

I don't see myself as a victim as I love my life and have an enviable life style.

Jerry 😊

Am feeling you on this because honesty is the key

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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for sharing so transparently with us. It takes a lot of courage.

I agree about love being the most powerful emotion.

It's unimaginable how someone can do such a horrible thing to a baby. Being in hospital for such a very long time is such a very tough time especially as a child. It's like forever.

I know that underneath all that happened to me I am my own person and I have fought very hard to not link my background to who I am.

I didn't see myself as a victim and have come a long way but things did leave impact on me eventually, no matter how much I tried to distance myself from it all and it has been hard to understand and deal with.

Having support and recovery work really helped a great deal.

I'm so glad you are doing very well and enjoying life...well done.

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Thank you Joanna, I was very troubled in my head as a teen and I came out the other side focussed because I questioned my feelings and then turned them into the past like an old movie.

I was a teenager living in a small country town and and I gave this person struggling with a parcel a lift and he was a buddhist and he gave me a really ancient book which taught about being in the here and now and it didn't seem to make sense to me. Then suddenly a few weeks later the sun peeped out from the clouds and my mood changed and I laughed and thought well everything's is all right now...

A really interesting concept is to look over your shoulder and realise that we cannot see the past because it's gone it doesn't exist anymore it's happened we cannot change it but we can learn from it and not let history repeat itself.

It's when we are going through these things that we really need support and you've got a great forum here.

Jerry 😊

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That was really special, meeting that person, a chance encounter.

The sun coming out is quite a powerful moment.

Mindfulness is really a powerful tool. Not easy to understand and practice at first.

Thank you so very much...