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Going to college !

Well I'm 16 months down the road to recovery I lost my Job in feb due to dvla not gettin my licence back to me so job centre think retraining is the way for me to go I'm lookin forward to the challenge but scared too not sure how my head will cope but willing to give it a shot! Ive been assessed at the ccollege an they thinking accounts is the way for me

I'll keep you all posted ......to be continued !

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good luck with it, accounts is good path, going by how much our accountant charges us :)


Thanks. think ill need all the luck I can get. Lol

Now where did I put my abacus !


Good grief, Scoobs. that's a demanding course, but with excellent rewards. I wish you all the best with such a positive plan & it would be good if you could keep us updated. cat x


Brillant news Scoobs,

My son is just finishing a access to higher eduction course at college and they have been really supportive. You say that you have been assessed, and so I take it from that the college are aware of your history. That is really important, David was given a regular meeting with someone from student support so that they could monitor his progress and be on hand if he had any difficulties. As it happens the only thing they have needed to do is to help with his travel expenses claim, but having the safety net there ready for the unexpected is a very important precaution. You can ask for extra time or other special requirements in exams if that is appropriate and student support can help with that too.

Looking forward to hearing of progress!


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