Fly button fairies

Since my stroke last August I have been plagued by fly button fairies!

I check them when leaving the bathroom. I check them again when leaving the house. I even check them when I get out of the car!

30 min later I feel a draughtyness and the fly button fairies have done their worst and unbuttoned 1or2 buttons!!

I'm not going to mention the sock pulling down fairies. That's a whole new story!

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  • sorry maybe i am stuid but whats the issue here or a warped atempt to br humrrous this is a seroius site for genuine concerns

  • Come on Neil, this isn't like you. This is just pleyland's way of introducing humour into the serious problem of deteriorating memory.

    Incidentally, it isn't just a man problem.

    Regards, cat x

  • And it's important to keep a sense of humour!!!

    Without it we're up the creak without a paddle. Sorry if I caught you on a bad morning.

  • Keep up the good humour, there is nothing stopping people from reading your blog post as well as nothing forcing people to read them. In parts, I agree that some people have serious issues to discuss which they do and do so seriously. If you are having a good day, share it.

    Maybe Neil was just joking too!! Some people post humour and comical poems to lighten people's spirits.

  • I stopped taking statins a couple of days ago to try and resolve some problems with very itchy skin. This morning I feel like someone has given me happy pills. Again, sorry if anyone is offended but having a great day today. Cheers!

  • It happened to me lots of times, luckily I always remembered to tuck-in everything else.

  • Lol, we don't need any public indecency claims. It just looks like we have missed a button whilst in a rush to vacate the stalls. I would find leaving the house with toothpaste running down my chin or even across my clean jumper more embarrassing.

  • I must have done that too, having a wonky brain and rushing for school don't go well together lol

  • The other day I was dizzy so I took a stemetil pill out of the pack and left it on the table whilst I went to fetch a glass of water. I came back with the water.... looked at the pill,,,,,thought what's that pill doing here?....examined it....couldn't identify it.....threw it in the bin....picked up the glass of water and thought.....where's my pill ??

    This thread could run and run. xx

  • PS Pretty dreadful stuff has been happening in my family for the last couple of years. It is only humour that has got us all through. xx

  • I've done exactly trhre same with the pills. Everytime I top up my pill box I ask myself, have I just taken todays dose?

  • I like your humour, I have a tooth paste fairy, it dribbles out from the corner of my mouth no matter how much I rinse my mouth and wipe my face.Sometimes I feel like a child when while in the bathroom my partner calls out 'and don't forget to wipe your mouth'.

    I think a good sense of humour and ability to laugh at ourselves is an essential ingredient in getting better and staying sane. thanks for the good humour I'm glad I'm not the only one living with fairies

  • Not sure about long live the fairies! I'm considering hunting the buggers down with a fly swatter.

    Cheers and goodnight all.

  • How funny. Love reading the stories where humour is celebrated you have all made me smile. Thank you. X

  • Great blog pleyland, and so true :)



  • Thanks Andrew. I thought I'd gone astray due to medication for a moment there.

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