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Flying after a craniotomy and mastoidectomy

It's been about 16 months since I had a right temporal craniotomy and 6 months since my right ear mastoidectomy and I am thinking of flying(not literally) and wanting to know if anyone on here has flown having had the same treatment.It's only because I am slightly or rather scared after such radical treatment and never had a problem before with flying I actually work at the airport as well how ironic is that.

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Hi Mandy. Hope you're doing ok. The general rule seems to be that you can fly anytime after a mastoidectomy providing there is normal healing, and 6 months after a craniotomy. But apparently there are different rules for the various airlines so it'd be wise to check with the one your using, probably for insurance purposes.

Best to check with your consultant if possible though ; he'll be the one with knowledge about how these areas are affected by changes in air pressure. Could you arrange a telephone appointment via his secretary ?

Good luck ; hope you get the all-clear to fly. xx


Hi Cat,

I am not looking till xmas and I am definitely speaking with my Ent dr and Neuro dr wouldn't dare just do it without checking first.I was really wanting to find out how people actually got on the first time they flew after brain surgery taking into account everyone is effected differently.

I have an appointment next month with both neuro and ent so hopefully will get the ok.

I am actually looking forward to feeling some cold weather its so humid here at the moment and doe's make you have strange head and ear popping sensations.

Will keep updated on the outcome:)x


I am having a Mastiodectomy and Flying to another country 3 days later, Is that okay?


Best to speak with your Dr with that one!!!


Have you got a friendly doctor/medic/expert you could ask? I imagine getting insurance would be a challenge, as could filling in the pre flights medical data. Have not had either, had a TBI 6 yrs ago, have flown but no longer have the stomach for roller coasters. Good luck all the best. If it is possible GO FOR IT! :)


Hi gabimou,

Thank you for your question. Just to second the advice about asking your doctor (good to see you have the appointment for next month).

Miracleman makes a good point about travel insurance. You can find out more about this at headway.org.uk/Travel-insur...

You'll see information about Headway's affiliate travel insurance policy, and if you download our Holidays and Travel factsheet at the bottom of that page you'll see a list of insurance providers that can offer quotes to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

There are no guarantees you'll be able to get cover (although most people can), and you may have to pay more to ensure you have the right medical insurance when you're away.

In Europe you can get the EHIC card too: nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcar...

This is useful alongside appropriate travel insurance.

I hope this helps,

Best wishes,



I did an 8hr flight 9mths after. I was tired and slept due to medication. I so needed the change of environment. It helped. Do check with your surgeon or doc. I checked with my surgeon


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