Operation is Almost here !!!!!!!

Well its the night before the operation we have waited so long for , and its 3rd time Lucky after 2 others have been cancelled.

I am not sure if any of us will sleep tonight , the boy is fast asleep and blissfully unaware of how important this procedure is for him .

BUT this time tomorrow night i hope is a turning point for us all to move on and tackle the uphill road we need to travel , in order to get both of these lovely children back on thier feet if thats possible .

Sleep well LAD , me and Mam will be right there with you all the way as promised xx.

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  • I am crossing all fingers and toes that the op isn't cancelled again. I wish you all the very best for tomorrow and keep us all updated when you get a mo xxxx

  • Best wishes to you all, especially your boy, for tomorrow and onwards. xx

  • My thoughts are with you all and wish you the best. Lets hope it is third time lucky, it isn't cancelled and the op goes well. Good luck

  • Hope all goes well for you all today and the op is not cancelled again. Good luck

  • Wishing and praying for u all. And sending all my hope.

  • Thinking of you all. Good luck x

  • only just spotted this so I hope I'm not too late to say good luck!

    They say third times a charm, so hopefully things are now underway.

    I shall be thinking of you all today.

    C xx

  • Thanks for all the comments , it ended up being 3rd time lucky as everything went very well .

    Jack is doing very well , so nice to look forward to the future now .

    The N H S have made us all so very proud today for what they have done .

    BIG THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So pleased all has gone well, thanks for letting us know x

  • Sorry, think there's a bit of a problem with the site, reply has appeared twice and won't allow me to delete one! Just means I am double pleased for you! X

  • Fantastic news! X

  • Sorry, I lost track even though wondering how things went. This is brilliant news....I'm so happy for you all.

    Regards x

  • Yes things went very well, but we ve had a few off days since then .

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