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Help/advise needed

I was knocked down in December 92, where I suffered from a broken neck/leg & I also suffered a brain injury. I beleive that I've been allowed to splip through the net & received NO HELP/ADVISE TO CLAIM COMPENSATION!

Its now over 20 years since the incident changed my life, leaving me over the threshold, had I been of sound mind & had an Advocate for legal advice, things would have been so differant!..can anbody help now?

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you need to claim within three years of the accident, or within three years of the date that the person had knowledge of their injuries. so am guessing no,

you would have so show that you had not been of sound mind from that day until now to get past the rules, and even then its not guaranteed.

now although financial help is not available medical and emotional help is, which at the end of the day is far more important

how have you coped, have you seen medical professionals, how does it affect you now?

we can offer advice here if that helps


Hi Speilberg,

Thank you for your question. It seems unlikely that compensation will be possible so long after the incident, although there are very limited circumstances where it may be possible. It would be sensible to speak to two or three solicitors from our list: headway.org.uk/legal-advice...

They can give you some free initial advice as to whether you have a case or not, and this will at least tell you one way or the other so you can move forward.

Please do contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk to discuss how we can support you.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the replies, however I don't have the capacity to do this myself & I was merley 'venting my spleen' I should have been offered support from an Advocate to enable me to apply to claim compensation. I'm now over the threshold, however, under the circumatances an equitable Judge should/would have the Juristiction to allow me to now make a claim!I have only recently gained this knowledge since being unfamiliar with Legal issues!


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