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Epilepsy medication

I was diagnosed with a Ganglioglioma tumour and Focal Epilepsy almost 3 years ago now. First medication was Keppra which made me tired all the time. Next I was given Lamotrigine which caused bad head pains. I am now on Pregabelin and often feel off balance and my memory has become dreadful. Over the last couple of days my seizures have come back with a vengence and I had 2 black outs within an hour so the medication is not controlling the seizures. I am frightened to change to another medication in case the side-effects are even worse than I already have. As I am in my early 60's now, do I stick with Pregabalin as I have been advised to up the dose? I have been told I may be sensitive to medication. Grateful for any advice / information or to hear of other people's experiences.

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hi ,ive been given pheynitoin, bin on it fr 8mnths,my dr tried to chnge to keppra but tht made me feel sick, im ok on the pheynitoin, i hope u get sorted out soon.


ricozoe, keep a list of the toxic effects of the phenytoin and stick it to a door somewhere in your home. My brother had a toxic build up that ended up putting him in a coma, but the toxic effects mimic other problems, it was overlooked at the hospital for 3 days.

Epilepsy medication can take a while to find a good match for you. there are a few to try and you need to be taking them long enough to see if they do suit as some side effects lessen over time. I take pregablin, i have had nuerontin too but that didnt agree with me. I dont take it for epilepsy though, i take it for nerve pain.


ricozoe and Danslatete

When I was first diagnosed, I hoped medication would make me feel so much better as well as control the seizures... but it's not that easy! Nearly 3 years later the seizures seem to have got worse overnight and I feel no further forward. Been advised to up my morning dose of Pregabalin so am hoping I have become more tolerant of this medication. Thanks for the information it's been very helpful.


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