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Start of a new week

Feeling very frustrated and angry, nobody else rushes, i want things doing now, 2 out of my 3 children involved in car accident back in September. Both left with Brain injuries. Every week is a fight, Jack,s consultant dosnt want him to go back to school till his skull is replaced, but informed he is on the routine waiting list and could be July, so thats a full year off school, not allowed upstairs, has to have daily baths at my parents. Our lives are on hold till this operation is done, but Jack is just a another name on the waiting list.

Sophie has to wait for assessments at school, because her work has really been effected since this drastic accident. All these things take time, and in the been time this young child is struggling.

We were told by so many professionals that the first year is vital for there recovery and to me this first year is slipping away.

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They are still recovering even if you dont see much in the way of things happening. You can help by reading with them and trying to reinforce the daily routine. As for the one in hospital the only thing you can do is be there for him. Things do not happen to a set timetable and they dont happen quickly with head/brain injuries.

Please try not to worry to much.


All I can suggest is that you find out the name of the consultants' secretary and phone her. Tell her your concerns and ask if Jacks' operation can be prioritised. It mightn't make any difference but it IS worth a try. I know it isn't ideal but I've found that actions can often be triggered by a sympathetic secretary......It's worth trying.....you might just be lucky....and, whether we like it or not,luck plays an ever-increasing part in NHS treatment nowadays.

Best wishes.


Thanks for your comments. Jacks consultant has sent the surgeon email, we have rung every week, think they will get sick of us. This operation is hopefully his last of many, but with 2 large areas of skull still missing, for safety reasons we are very limited to what we can do. Jack is at home not hospital, sometimes think if he was still in this operation would probably of been done.


Yes,julie, I think you're right about Jack being dealt with sooner in hospital.....out of sight, out of mind and all that. But keep phoning....the frequent reminders can only be a good thing.

Remember though, Jack may be missing schooling but his brain injuries are mending throughout this time and both your children are healing invisibly, day by day. Still, six months IS a long time for you to stay patient and I do feel for you.

Best wishes to you all........stay in touch. Eileen x


We have rung again today, no further forward. Jack has had 2 mornings at school this week, he has really enjoyed but only managed a short visit. IM hoping he will tolerate longer over the coming weeks. HIs concentration levels have been affected by his injury. Sophie is really struggling with her learning at school, so we trying to get her some extra support, bless them both xx


I really feel for you . I'm not religious but I'm praying for you in my own way.

With love & massive hugs.....Eileen x


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