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What medication works for your pain?

My partner recently had an SAH and they operated to clip the bleed. 2 weeks after the operation he came home but had to go back in because he was experiencing too much pain. He has now been in hospital for another week and is still taking oramorph. The doctor has said that as soon as he is able to cope without oramorph he can go home. He has been on a number of tablets but no success yet.

Just interested to know what has worked for others out there.

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my morphine just made me feel like shit all the time

they changed me onto Fentanyl patches (synthetic morphine) now and i am much happier with that

like most painkillers, they are not always totally effective. but they take the edge of it so my day is a bit more bearable, but the best thing is that i have no side effects with them at all, and because they are patches you change every three days, you are supplied with a constant dose

taking anti inflammatories and paracetamol also help a bit more i conjunction with the patches

for more info on fentanyl take a look here



Thanks bikerlifestyle. He is going to ask about the fentanyl patches tomorrow.


I am on Fentynal now, gababantin and tramadol


My husband must be one of the "lucky ones" at least in this situation. He had a massive bleed in October, brought on by a burst aneurysm in his brain, which also caused the SAH and stroke.He spent almost 4 months in hospital (where he managed to acquire several chest infections and then pulmonary embolisms for which he is now on Warfarin!). He has had very few troublesome headaches, even though he has had a craniotomy (he goes in to Hull Royal Infirmary on Weds ready to have a plate put in his skull on Monday 11th) He does however take Paracetamol and Codeine for pain in his limbs in various places, and rubs on Ibuprofen gel on his shoulder, fingers etc of the left side affected. I am hoping that this further surgery will not make headaches another problem for him. Good luck in your search for your pain relief.


Thanks Molly. It's still early days yet, so hopefully we will find something that works for him. Wishing you both all the best for his surgery.


Hi maidstone_cruiser,

Thank you for your question. We do have a couple of nurses on our helpline with some knowledge of the various pain medications that might be useful in your partner's situation. While this doesn't replace the medical advice, you're right to research the options as finding something that works can take some trial and error.

Do contact us on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk if you would like to discuss this further.

Best wishes,



I have now spoken to someone, fully informed of stuff for meetings with social services, CAB, my follow up appointment and docs. All should help with my recovery.


Hi, I am the partner of Maidstone Cruiser, I am now taking paracetamol, ibuprofen, Tramadol and Gabapentin. This is working somewhat but I still have moderate pain with these.

I asked about Fentynal patches but was told I was not giving the Gabapentin a chance, how long will it take, I have been on these for a week now 600mg three times a day.

I am going to the doctors tomorrow as the hospital didnt give me enough Tramadol, I also want to look at something that will lower my blood pressure as it is high.

Is it time to quit the Gabapentin and try something else or should I keep waiting for them to kick in ?????????????

Any advice welcome, anyone on these who can tell me if they are any good and how long they took to work for you.


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