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i will soon have my home repossessed which considering my debt and inability to be employable was enivitable i am assured i will find somewhere in assistred living to go but i cant afford the moving costs i am unlikley to have it paid for by friends nor family are there any grants i can apply for help please neil move probably herne bay kentto wandsworth london i think my stuff will fit into a luton box van

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  • Hi Neil

    I am very sorry to hear about your house - that must be very stressful, particularly as you continue to battle the effects of your stroke. You have mentioned money worries and instances of being taken advantage of financially quite a few times in your posts and I wonder if a trusted relative or friend would be able to talk through your finances with you and give you some advice on how to say 'No' to shysters? It is hard for us all to manage money, particularly after a brain injury, and sometimes we lose the ability to detect when we are being taken for a ride at our cost. Please remember "No!" is a complete sentence.

    As far as your move is concerned, I think you will benefit most from urgently speaking to one of CAB, your social worker or of course, Headway. They may be able to source emergency funding from your council or a charity. Alternatively, you could apply for a Budgeting Loan ( which is interest free over up to 104 weeks. Finally, could a family member or friend hire a box van and do the move for you in a day?

    I hope you get this sorted and that your stress levels reduce once you are settled. All the best.


  • oh no im so sorry to hear bout u losing your house i dnt know where u cn gt help but mybe cab mght know fr you.hope u cn gt it srtd .its nt fair people who dnt realy need help gt it frm everyware but the ones tht do need it dont gt nthing.good luck with this.

  • thank you look i am not happy where i live in fact i am miserable over the last week i have found myself moaning and i dont do moaning ever my uncle has arranged for me to get assisted living in wandsworth nearer my children and friends and of course my beloved london irish my bank will reject my offer of medical report and a grand they want 4800 i will use the grand to move and have some sadly lacking fun a deposit for a new mobility car due in may

  • good im glad u be nearer friends n for moaning i dont stop as u may ave noticed lol. good luck with your move hope evrythng goes well.

  • We lost our house and we had to move into homeless accommodation. We now live in a private rented house but it was hard going. Get advice.

  • thank you one thing i have learnt the hard way is advice given useless exceot cab have an uncle sorting council assisted living in wandsworth nearer my children and friends i am even looking forward to it

  • Sometimes things happen for a reason, we just don't realise it at the time, maybe you are meant to move to be nearer your family and to relieve you from the financial stress and hassle you've been under. Hopefully you will be able to get on with life rather than worrying about money and sharks! It's good to hear you are looking forward to it, hopefully it will turn out to be the answer to your prayers Neil, all the best x

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