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i wish i could have

in recovery....i wish i could have had the knowledge of what Headway was. I wish id of had the ability to type and use a computer. I wish i could have read peoples posts. As patients we seem to find this lifeline later rather than sooner.If i had read or had someone read to me! all your comments ,advice,stories etc it would have supported me no end in the begining even tho i may not have remebered them, it would have prepared me foor the life after and i made me feel I WAS NOT ALONE. if you have a loved one who has had any brain poorlies get a HEAD START and introduce them to this site.


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snap snap and double snap i found advice or where to go for support or information totally and utterly lacking all the self styled experts wante to do was overload you with doomesday scenarios diddly squat on the reality of practical advice where to go for advice groups etc had to do it all myself when i eventually did i discovered i missed out on over £3000 of benefits i could of had if i had claimed when i first asked what should i do


hi ope u r feeling well i put in fr help with mny but was refused lttr i had bk said sorry but u r in no danger of dizzyness or falls orfits or numbness well i wish i wasnt and thn i could come of all tablets i ave to take im gna put bk in fr it but am in the middle of changing my drs so will srt it soon


i think the thing is that the internet has evolved so much that things like headway are easier accessible and information is easier to find and although i had internet when i had my accident (1996) it wasn't as we know it now. the internet has given us a new lease of life, its so much easier to type than to struggle with words when talking and googles spell-checker means we can sound more normal and articulate, also those days when you cant face people you can come here or facebook and still have a social life, the internet has helped in so many ways :)


Good to see your post zainey-lainey. My friend has a severe brain injury (4 months in PTA), she's just coming out of it now. I have shown her information from Headway and last week she told me how helpful this was in trying to understand her situation. I'm an experienced welfare benefits adviser and my friend is asking about benefits now but her next of kin have done nothing about this. It's sooo frustrating knowing more could be done, but appreciating that the next of kin are so stressed out they can't even begin to think about that as well as all the other worries. Difficult times for us all eh?


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