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Sometimes I wish I was a cat

I am sitting here watching my beautiful cat lying peacefully purring on my bed. He has no worries and is spending these few moments in the moment. He is totally relaxed, his back is moulded into the blankets, his paws resting gracefully under his chin. If a cat has expressions mine is radiating calmness peace and serenity. I so wish I could be in his world for just a few blissful seconds. There is no effort for him - he just simply is as he is. He radiates his contentment from each silky furry part of his body - he is in a state of bliss and yet he is not aware of this. How so very beautiful and soothing.

This short observing experience for me is a huge tonic and yet all I can do is observe. I do however think I might engage in this activity tomorrow and spend a short time in observing what it is to be truly relaxed. Perhaps some of what my eyes see might translate in some small way to a feeling in my own search of being able to truly let go of life's trials and achieve a special personal moment of deep relaxation.

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This is why i pay to have acupuncture once a month and also reflexology, both mean i have an hours total relaxation.

I leave walking on air, so worth it.

Janet x

You should have shared a picture xx


Careful what you wish for Clare........ You won't want to be any old cat, locked out at night like some of my neighbour's moggys ; my porch doesn't have storm doors so they often gather on the mat for shelter ! (and the odd treat).

I've had cats all my life but since my best beautiful boy died several years ago (after 20 years) I couldn't face another. He was what's nowadays known as 'More Dog' ; followed me to the shops, slept on my bed and sat with me when I did my carpentry, covered in shavings & sawdust ...........he LOVED being vacuumed on a low setting !

I took such pleasure watching him snoozing, and hearing all his little pleasurable utterances of just 'being'. And yes, if I could guarantee I'd be as loved & cared for as he was, I'd certainly opt for that life next time around ! xx


Meeoow Cat! x


🐾. 😻 xx


Beautifully written! Try listening to some of XX’s music. It’s totally soothing!!


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