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People that think making fun of disabilities is clever!

This is a pet hate of mine.

I had an awful weekend. While researching for my Persistent Vegetative State support group I found a link to a site that displayed a range of photos depicting real people in PVS alongside other prominent people and celebrities that they obviously thought it funny to portray as being in PVS.

I was sickened and cried as I scrolled through the photos to see photos of PVS people that I know. I was so upset for the rest of the day and it is still affecting me.

What is funny about PVS?

Why do people describe people as 'vegetables' or say they are 'vegging out'? I have to assume that they are ignorant and have no real idea of what PVS is all about?

The 'vegetable' word has upset me ever since Ed became ill. I took part in a local radio debate last year that was about making fun of disabled people and got a lot of positive response.

On Sunday evening I was watching Dancing on Ice when a judge referred to a contestant as appearing to be in 'a locked-in syndrome'. I was dumbstruck. How rude and offensive a comment was that? I did what I felt was the right thing to do and made an official complaint to OFCOM.

One thing I have to keep telling myself is that for all those cruel people out there are far more nice ones.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Final memo to me 'there are more nice people than nasty ones'!!

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sandra well done beautifully put the human race can be so kind and yet so cruel not helped by so called comedians on tv shows styled as entertainment my arse e.g ricky fat boiy rude boy gervaise in the latest derek poking fun at the disabled and elderly i am now disabled we didnt ask for our injuries but we have survived and just get on with it today i was down to my last 5 cigarettes and £3 whden in a cafe started speaking to a young lad who asked apologising like hell for a cigarette i gave him one then turned out he hadnt eaten so i bought him a sandwich tomorrow i will not smoke and have no money but i did a good thing for someone in need i will be repaid this one thing that did stay with me from the paralympics as a legacy dont look at the wheelchair look at the person god bless and keep your dignity battle on and do not give up if people want to be cruel they might blame a rotten childhood but life is about choices to be a good person or a rotten one neil


I agree so well written and a question I have often asked myself since my illness left me with what I call 'health issues', I feel a fraud calling myself disabled, although by definition I am. disabled.

I can only guess why people make jokes; embarrassment, not knowing how to deal with people who are different? I have wondered if in these economically stressed times, life is more of a fight for everyone and it's lead to a more aggressive discriminatory society? Whatever the reasons placing people with PVS as a point of fun is wicked and the worst kind of discrimination. A joke is only a joke when it's not at someone else's expense.

For someone in the media to make fun of a disabled person is inexcusable, but a precedence has been set . Not that it makes it right, it should never be tolerated by their employers, In fat boy rude boy's case he has risen to fame with his sit com the office, which was based on making fun, not jokes.

I have said on this site before that since my health condition I now use a stick and sometimes really struggle with walking, and on so many occasions have been pushed over or pushed into by people who think I'm in their way or taking so long. For me the para Olympics was so motivating, now I try even harder. Good wishes to you and your husband SandraEB I wish you both all the best


i have replied to this three time but deleted it before posting as it didn't sound right and didn't know how to say it and from reading your post i totally agree with your point about the site and this is more a generalisation about humour aboust disable people rather than a reply to your post as such (god i hope this makes sense as i have to type it as i would say it)

so will try again

i tend to think its not what is said but how it is said so if something was posted maliciously or with the intent to cause emotional harm or distress then its wrong

but i am the first to take the piss out of myself and my disabilities, a lot of my friends use the term cripple, ironside, davros, spacca etc.. but it is a genuine term of endearment, and i personally wouldn't want it any other way, and i rip the piss out of their traits and personalities too.

now if a stranger came up to me and said those things then it would be a whole different story.

but comedy and humour is an important part of human nature, and everyone is different so some people will get offended whilst others wont, i guess i am saying is that why should we be left out when all different types of people gets the piss taken out of them

as long as whatever is said or done is genuinely not done in a nasty or harmfull way then i dont mind it, and i dont know where the line that shouldnt be crossed should be placed either

i really dont know if this make sense or if it make sthe point i am trying to make but am going to post it anway,

i hope no one is offended by this because i dont mean it to offend


Thank you all for taking your time to think about and reply to my comment.

I have read through your replies several times and understand and appreciate everything that you are all saying.

I guess the bottom line for me is that people who are severely disabled, like my lovely son Ed, are unable to stand up for themselves. People in PVS and locked-in syndrome are amongst the most vulnerable in society.

What I am trying to say is okay poke fun of someone who can poke fun right back at you.

Those of us who are ill (I have M.E. by the way) often need to use humour as a way of coping with our life, a dear friend of mine calls me 'lazybones' all the time.

Maybe I need to broaden my shoulders? Or maybe I just need to keep fighting for what I think is right?

Warmest wishes to ncmurphy1951, brighton88 and bikerlifestyle.


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