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Should I qualify for extra time in exams?

When I went to see an educational psychologist when the other woman's solicitors were insisting on expert's report after expert's report for my compensation claim she said that I should probably qualify for extra time in exams. This was 18 years ago though, and I wouldn't know how to go about getting it diagnosed/approved now I am back at university.

Also dyslexic colleagues qualify for disabled students' allowance as it's an impediment to learning. Would I qualify on the same basis? Can do with all the money I can get at the moment being a poor student and all!

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ask uni


look in back of prospectus for usful numbers

main building reception

good luck happy learning


You should be able to apply for everything a dyslexic student gets. Starting with extra time. I stated at the student help desk, who passed me on to disability help.

Dyslexia is a recognised disability which isn't uncommon to reach university with, not many students reach uni with a head injury. I used to get 25% extra time in exams, academic staff should give extra help to.


totally agree univeristy's and colleges are normally well informed on this area and very supportive, all they will ask for is a medical report, or in the case of dyslexia an educational assessment, if you do not have one of the latter all colleges and university's can arrange them at no cost to the student


YES! when I went to college in 2008 I was given extra time in exams and extra time with assignments as with dyslexia, it comes under the race relations law 1974 ameded several times to include equality and dsiability, whereby reasonable steps must be taken to esure you are given an equal opportunity to take part


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