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Busy busy busy

We went up to Cambridge for Christmas. We stayed in my brother-in-law's house, and his younger brother (+ wife and kid), and his parents, stayed in hotels up the road.

Then we went into London at the weekend, and stayed overnight with my brother.

Tomorrow, a fair few of friends are coming over, at lunchtime (and bringing their kiddies). We will have a 'New Year's Day' party. I figured that, with kiddies, New Year's Eve is not really an option, but I still wanted to celebrate.

But then things will get absolutely frantic at work. I will have loads of tests to set and mark, and loads of essays to organise marking. And then lots of 'traditional' exams to mark. I will have to go in on Thursday morning, to get all that organised. I have needed to be off for several weeks (all of December), due to the operation I had at the end of November, which left me incapable of walking for several weeks. I still have quite a bit of student work that I haven't had time to mark, or to get second-marked. Eek!

The operation was nothing to do with my TBI. It was a trocantheric bursectomy. My hip/bum simply started *really* hurting, one day last October. I had to have it chopped at the end of November, and I have been incapable of walking for most of the time, since.

The main problem of the TBI now is my 'blind'ness, which means I can't drive. The thing is, I am constantly telling myself that, OK, I was very unlucky to fall off my bike in 2005, and get my TBI. But I am really lucky to have recovered as well as I have. I didn't know that that little baby (who was 8 months when I had my fall) was mine, but I love her to pieces now. She is 8, and goes to junior school. How did she grow up so fast? But then, how come my lovely little toddler will be starting secondary school in September? Yes, I am unlucky that I am 'blind', but I am really lucky to be able to see as well as I can. I run an awful lot slower now that I did before my fall (and hey, I was never fast, then!); but I am lucky that I CAN run. Well, I *really* hope that I will be able to, again, soon, when this hip problem sorts itself out!

Anyway, Happy New Year, folks.

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