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advice please

i suffered a sah in 2007 nothwithstanding ones abitility to lose ones temper easily this am i am incandescant with rage at a friend whom i have known for 20 years a school friend is dying of cancer as with my injury old school mates band to gether and round robin e mails on progress and news but only for school mates this friend has over 30 years latchhed on to the comoraderie we show and took it upon himself despite the appeals to keep visists to the friend dying to a minimum to travel from belfast to pay him a visit all well meaning but the e mail sent out was patronising and clearly self serving to put him at the forefront of news what shall i do my instinct tells me to ball him out but that would be petulant help please

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dont know what to say, its a difficult situation when someone gets terminally ill. We had friends and family and a whole lot of people visit my dad, some where upset because he went too quickly for them to visit him, including my brother and his twins. Other people with the finances and ability to travel at will did come. Its nice for the family to know that many people remeber the happy times and are not scared away by cancer.

When my grandad died there was an uncle who took on the role of chief mourner and organiser, he did through his love of his father, well meaning but unfortunatley he rode roughshod over other family members including my gran. He just did not see it, the rest of us did.

Its a tough one. Dont let one friends death ruin the bond between the rest of you, life is just too short x x


tough one it was canvessed opinion from a few school mates before tapping out a hairdryer i think it hit the mark / made a point but thank you neil


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