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Hello my name is Stephanie and my husband was involved in a car accident in June 2010 he also had neck injuries so they decided to have him go through injections to his neck, while doing these they punctured the sack that holds the fluid to his brain :( and life has not been the same since June 2010 !! Everyday living is a struggle for him headaches, dizzy spells, falling, vomiting, restless nights, tired all the time, neck pain, depressed and very withdrawn from friends and family :( They say he has Post Concussion Syndrome. It saddens me to see someone so withdrawn and hurt that was once the life of the party :( I hope I can learn more from Headway and others on here :)

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welcome, there is a lot of help here, just ask

welcome abord


Hi, I am so very sorry for everything your husband and yourself have been through.

I wish I could do something to help but just having this site to talk to is such a great help!

Big hugs, Linda x


hi and welcome. You have come to the right place-loads of support from people 'in the same boat'.( My OH was also in a car accident and suffered a TBI 18 months ago). there are good days/bad days,times when you think life is'nt fair but throw a few plates at the wall or come on this site and say your piece as there is always someone who has been there-done it! Its good to know you are'nt on your own and advice and help is readily available. I remember watching my husband try to garden and he lost his balance and fell and couldnt physically get up-it felt so sad knowing that before the accident he was so fit and active and you will have the same feelings watching your husband struggle on ! Keep strong and most of all keep a sense of humour! You now have loads of new on line friends!! x


Hello there sad wife, I know it probably feels like a millennia but its still kind of early in the journey for you and your hubby.

I hope your hubby is getting help with cognitive skills and things like speech if he has those difficulties.

I seemed to be in a permanent slump going around in circles trying to get better but stressing mysel out. It was hard going but it helped going to headway, it helped seeing a neuro phscologist, I tried the anti depressants but they made me feel worse so I stopped them.

I wish I could mak you feel better but I find it difficult to make light talk now , kind of just deal with what is.

I hurt my neck and damaged the nerve in my left arm, I have a step where the bones had slipped but its stable and my nerves don't scream all the time now. I used have crippling headaches and feel like something was crawling under my scalp from the top of my head down my neck.

It's taken me years to enjoy yoga and get some control back for myself.

I lost so much when I had my crash but I feel I have gained a lot now too.


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