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I wonder if any of you good people could help me.

I would like a bit of Info on Cranioplasty, I know that Its a metal plate to relapse part of the scull.

What I would like to know is how soon after your op to remove a brain tumor can you have the plate fitted ? Or can you have it fitted at the same time?

Also how long dose it take to have the plate made ?

I have a CT scan booked for the 29 November for the planning of a plate to be made. I don’t yet know the date that they plan to remove my Tumour. the Plate will be quite large as it will be most of the back of my scull and some of the top being removed from what I can make out.

I’m not a newbie to having a brain tumour I have had three of them removed over the last 12 years. The first one was removed when I was 20 years old. This tumour will be my fourth. I also have another brain tumour that that are keeping an eye on. But that one has not changed for a few years now.

All the best


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When I had surgery back in 2007 the plate was fitted during surgery, and I did not even realise I had one until I asked the Dr what the marks were under my skin and he explained they were the clips holding the plate in place. I can only assume that if the plate is for the back of your head it needs to be shaped? BUT there are so many types of tumour and types of operations be careful of asking other people as it might mislead you.

Why not ask your consultant these questions, I have found that my consultants make themselves availabe to answer any questions. A good tip is to make a list of questions so that when your with your consultant you can go through the list and tick them off as you go and make notes of what is being said.

Good luck hope all goes well for you



Thank your for your answer.

I know that I need to ask my Consultant these questions to get a "true" answer that will fit my case.

I'm booked in for a CT scan on the 29 November for the planning of the plate.

I'm not due to see my consultant now until he has me in to do the op.

I believe that it will not be this side of the new year.

I Don't mind if that fit it at the same time as my op or if they leave it an do it at a later date when things have had time to calm down a bit in my head.

I have always gone with the flow and let them do what they think will be best.


all consultants have secretary's they work closely with, I am lucky in that my consultant gave me his card with his mobile and introduced me to his secretary. Please do call and say that there are some questions you would like answered, in my experiance consultants are very happy to meet with you or speak on the phone reasuring you and answering any questions, as part of your treatment.

Good luck


Hi Richard

My husband had a cranioplasty after a craniotomy due to a brain injury after an attack he wasn't able to have it until 6mths after to allow the swelling to go down he the had another one 6,ths after as it didn't fit properly. I'm not sure if this would be the same in your case. It is a material normally titanium as this doesn't contact heat or cold or go off in metal detectors, it needs to be measured correctly to insure it fits the space perfectly, I wish you well you are obviously an amazingly strong person good luck x


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