Intermittent swelling/numb feeling

Hi guys, I have just joined this group and very grateful to have found it, Thank you. When I was 16(1999) I had none cancerous brain tumour removed(Nottingham qmc) located to the left temporal lobe, this tumour started to cause terrible headaches, memory loss, epilepsy and constant deja vus. My operation was a success and the tumour was fully removed, the only problem was that I was very conscious about the skull defect to the left temporal area following my operation but I was very grateful to the surgeons for removing the tumour.. In 2006 and 2007 I had two cranioplasty operations, first operation I had a plate fitted and the second one I had cement put in. These operations made a difference but my skull isn't symmetrical. In the passed week since getting my haircut I have noticed a slight numb/tight feeling and swelling to the area where my plate etc is and it is starting to concern me, has anyone else experienced this feeling? Also can anyone advice if cranioplasty has advanced In the passed 10 years. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks again.

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  • Sorry should have said it has swelled up a few times before after having my haircut, not sure if the pressure to the side of my face near the ear has caused this?

  • Welcome to our forum. I cannot help you as have no experience but have you spoken to Headway for advice. They can usually help. There are many people on here who know just what you are going through and I am sure you will be hearing from them shortly.

    Keep in touch to let us know how you are getting on

  • Thank you for replying :) I will speak to headway for advice.

  • Phone them tomorrow Andy before they close for the weekend. The number is 0808 800 2244 (free call). Stay in touch ! Cat x

  • Thanks cat :) I will

  • Hi Andy, I have a tumour and have had surgery. I now have a rather large dent/hole right at the top of my head and a few further down towards the back. I do get weird, odd sensations sometimes but I've learned to live with it. I've asked about it before and been told it takes years for nerves to knit back etc etc. I'm very conscious everyday of having the tumour, even on a good day as obviously every morning in the shower I have to rub the shampoo in and feel the holes/dents...the top one still makes me feel quite woozy! I don't feel a swelling like you say but I do feel a screw sticking out a little. I'd ask somebody, maybe call the ns nurse that you had when you had the op? They are used to getting calls. All the best, hope you get some answers. xx

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