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New year resolution . warning!

OK so I know it's early but Christmas is coming and I will need all I've got for that.

Anyway ive been thinking and the plan is to get the sewing machine out and see what happens.

Just thought I'd share this to warn anyone in the north that is they hear anything out of the ordinary it will more than likely be me .!!

Anyone else thinking about next year yet?

Love n hugs


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My aim for next year is to finally finish renovating the house we live in.

Prior to my accident I had fitted an attic bedroom and built an extension. When I had my accident we only had a limited kitchen and bathroom and quite a few unfinished jobs. The house wasn't really presentable to people outside the family.

One of the things that helped with getting my motor and cognitive skills back was the renovation work. When I first resumed I couldn't even knock a nail in let alone straight ! My hand eye co-ordination was that bad I couldn't hit the head of the nail with a hammer.

Now a few years later, I still make a lot of mistakes in measuring and cutting, planning and methods, but it is a huge improvement on where I was.

I have planned my effort (probably unrealistically and underestimated) for the next 150 days based on 5 hour days. I never quite to 5 hours but it is something to aim for.

The next few months are going to be building some kitchen units from scratch. I have had the timber here for ages.

Now I have to make good on my promise and finish the work !


Dreading it xx


Ohhhh I live in north east so thanks for the warning I may of thought something bad was happening when I heard all the police cars 🚔 and ambulances 😂😂😂😂xx


You are welcome.

I know the audiologist said that we can tolerate sound better when we are making it but we will see!!

Anyway it's a challenge!

Love n hugs


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