shoulder subluxation after a stroke or TBI

shoulder subluxation after a stroke or TBI

my girl friend lost the use of her left side after her stroke in april the therapy she received helped her leg, her speech,her eating and swallowing just about everything but her arm and hand...this is what I would like to talk about....I have been by her side since her stroke every therapy she got I repeated it in her hospital room and her recovery was amazing but they couldn't really do any thing for her arm( mainly due to the pain) I asked them about a sling to hold her arm shoulder joint in place(they said the pain and swelling was from pinched nerves in the shoulder)they said that she just had to work through the pain because there was no sling that really worked for the sublux answer to that bull*&^%...I watched her therapist hold her arm in place and her pain went away....I started searching for a sling ..and sadly they were right every sling I found caused more harm then good..and they wouldn't let me put any on her....well I didn't stop there when she got home she had in home care and I started making different slings while her therapist kept telling me what was wrong with each sling(made 10 kinds)finally the started liking where I was going with number 11 I finished it and her therapist loved it her pain level dropped to where she no longer takes pain meds..the recovery of her arm jumped 80% in two weeks now all of her doctors and therapist require her to wear the sling i made.

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  • how clever are you :) well done for your persistance maybe it will help someone else if your sling works for your lady who knows well done you :) x

  • Very innovative. I had left side problems after my ABI. Once discharged I had four visits from physio at home to get my walking, no mention of my arm therapy. I would walk around with it held to my chest . same happened when physio lifted the weight of my shoulder the pain disappeared. Physio strapped my shoulder back into place and showed my partner how to do this, but it was too late really, I had strapping on for six months and gradually the pain became unbearable. Diagnosis sub laxtion. I had a operation on my shoulder to repair. Post op was the worst pain I had ever experienced. Sorry I am rabbling on a bit, but it is so impressive you have implemented such a good invention. it shoulder be used country wise! Well done you sound a great boyfriend !

  • Newby- Ito have left shoulder subluxation. my physios gave me an 'Ottobok' shoulder brace.

    This supports the joint when i;m walkin, minimal pain ..

  • Great invention, my wife suffered a brain hemorrhage and her left side is damage also I think she needs the same strap, do you know how I can get one or how I can make one?

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