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Why is it that a neuropsychologist doesn’t know that too much sertraline can make one verbally aggressive and make you have changes in your mood apparently I sounded too positive and I need to see a psychiatrist because I had bouts of confusion and I felt like I didn’t want to exist anymore all because I was on too much sertraline 200 mg and get the health professionals didn’t notice what I was telling them i’m pretty sure that that is medical negligence and according to the neuropsychologist he can’t comment because he knows I’m right and down to this I am facing losing my children because or a psychologist I want to see his name but I’m pretty sure that I would really love to drag his name through the dirt because clearly I don’t have an IQ of 69% and the other neuro psychologist that also says I’ve got an IQ of 66% which also is wrong in my eyes And yet I’m being deemed a violent person because wait a minute the sertraline that I was taking and I noted that I would reduce my medication myself and my partner at the time also said to the GP that there was a vast improvement in my behaviour and yet the social workers and the health professionals all seem to have it in for me because of them not knowing the True effects of taking too much sertraline and yet typeface losing my children because of the doctors giving me too much sertraline

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I hear what ur saying.I was a human guinea pig for docs and prescription meds for over 25 years.All I was told is "Everyone is different and everyones chemistry is different".Thats correct but,they dont realize what they put in our charts stays forever and effects our lives.Id say...find another doc who can provide u with better care and will listen.

The problem here is because I sounded too confident I have to see psychiatrist and all they will see is oh he’s a violent person I did my own research into what sertraline can do to your body if you take too much and right at the top was bouts of aggression Confusion and will cause joint pain as well as lack of sleep it is all there and yet I am been treat like an axed murderer

Best advice...voice all ur concerns with the psychiatrist AND I also agree with Painting-girl re:"medications/psychiatrists.Just stay calm so u can get ur concerns heard.

That’s just it I mean I’ve been calm throughout all the comedians it’s just that one of the psychologists said that I had an IQ of 69 and then the neuropsychologist said that I’ve got an IQ a 66 bit of it it just seems to be a bit of a mess and because basically the trying to stop me from having my children. Staying calm is easy voicing my concerns to the psychiatrist well where do I start that’s a tricky one

Start with everything u have told us.

That’s a good point actually thanks I’m going to write all this down on my laptop

Keeping calm will help enormously get ur words across clear and seriously.

I know as funny as it sounds I am not going to stand for it but will point out the the neuropsychologist said about one of my children was the oldest and I pointed out to my solicitor that it is my eldest and do neuropsychologist also put that my eldest or rather as he put it oldest daughter been a boy and a puncher die also so I do think that there goon of some sort a textbook if you know what I mean I don’t need a textbook the damage is already happened to me and it was quite a long time ago so my brains and a lot of time to recover I was four years old when my accident happened

I personally think putting the most important concerns as priority should be ur focus, as docs r time limited n patience limited.

Well no because I’m seeing a psychiatrist and this is gonna be done at the solicitors office

I truly wish u the best n hope it all works out.

Thank you so much

Ur very welcome

Hi, Thrillseeker. Writing down your questions for a doctor is a great idea. It has helped me a lot. My GP sent me to a neuropsychologist because I was (and still have) problems getting the right words together. They were no help at all.

I've never been on setraline but other medications I take cause memory issues, speaking, shaking hands or other body parts. I drop stuff all day because of my shaking hands. I don't like going to meetings because I'm worried I might say something wrong or unrelated to the discussion. I just can't stop myself. Keep working with your GP. Ask for a new NP. They might be able to help with proving you are better now with your dosage adjusted.

I am the same but they are treating my like I am dumb

I get that too. They should know I'm smart because I tell my doctors about side effects from a medication that they didn't know about. I tell them lots of things that they think only a doctor could learn and that I'm not "qualified" to give them advice. I've been right about 85% of the time.

Fight for them to listen. There should be some studies about setraline side effects on the internet. Don't use the basic sites like Wikipedia. Look for hospitals and colleges who have done studies on it. Then you have proof from a recognized expert that the issues exist. Cymbalta was one I took years ago and I went completely mental, screaming, fighting, raging about nothing important. And Cymbalta side effects included these issues. I almost got arrested for saying the wrong thing to a nurse when I was on it. She thought I was threatening her.

It's amazing what you can find. Perhaps studies about denied parental rights that were originally submitted by an NP. Ones who didn't recognize the connection of medicine side effects and personality changes. Then their rights were restored because of a medication change.

I know you aren't dumb. You came here to ask for help. You have voiced your concerns over side effects to your doctors. Now hit them with their colleagues' research!

Hi No1 - your comment is a really good description of how different antidepressants affect different people in different ways.

I have been on Cymbalta (Duloxetine) for just over one and a half years, have just weaned off it - and it's been fine for me and very helpful. It was useful for my chronic headache early on - it has a pain relief function unlike other SNRIs and is prescribed for fibromyalgia - and it also reduced my TBI induced anxiety effectively and quickly.

I had minor annoying side effects of dry mouth and a tendency to constipation only - which reduced after a bit of time on it - and I didn't come across the side effects you mentioned at all. I've been tapering for some months with no bad withdrawal symptoms other than an occasional dizziness, and a couple of very short 5 minute bouts of nausea. I've been totally functional the whole time I've been on it. I have seen it get a bad press on the web - but it is very widely prescribed, and for a long time, so I suspect that the majority of people it is fine for just don't go online to talk about it.

I get it didn't suit you at all - but everyone's experience of antidepressant drugs is different. I wouldn't want to put off anyone who was offered it because my experience of it has been totally benign

(Incidentally I'd had quite unpleasant reactions to the three migraine prophylaxis drugs the neurologist tried out on me beforehand )

The only thing is reading your post - a lot of people describe anger problems as a direct result of their brain injuries - and I wonder if that might have been a bit of a part of it for you too?

My head injury occurred much, much later.

I too have known folks who have no side-effects. But what works for one might not work the same way, as you point out. I too have fibromyalgia so I have many prescriptions I take along with Wellbutrin. I take Lyrica for nerve pain in my ankles and it also helps the fibro pain. And sometimes there is a reaction between them but my doctors are quick to respond if it is a serious issue.

I don't want to make anyone not want to use something because of my experiences. If your doctor prescribes something you haven't tried before, give it a chance to work and for the minor side effects to go away and it could be a good medicine for you. One medicine I took took 6 months for the nauseous and gas to stop.

Good advice No1 😊.

Sorry about the fibromyalgia - that's a bit of a double whammy with a BI as well - sounds really tough 🌸

i only use trusted sites such as ones done via the NHS or doctors making notes on the true side affects

Hi Thrillseeker, They might be trying to help you because though it is scary when someone suggests you see a psychiatrist, what it means is that they think you need someone to take a good hard look at the medication you are on - which is what psychiatrists are best at.

Sertraline doesn't suit everyone, no antidepressant does.

Psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists are usually very thorough doctors and will work with you to find you a better drug that suits you better than sertraline. That would help you, wouldn't it?

Trying to help well I’m not hundred percent sure on that one because at the end of the day he the neuro psychologist said that I would benefit from supervised visits for the foreseeable future but yeah okay I get what you’re saying though and thanks

Supervised visits are miserable, I'm sorry about that. But if you can be patient and stay calm, even though it makes you sad - I know of a couple of men that have persevered and done them, and then had better access agreed.

From what Superwoman says a psychiatrist to review your drugs could be a big help. Psychiatrists are usually the only medics that really specialise in the brain and what drugs and dosages help. Hope things work out for you 🌸

I don’t really mind them it’s just that I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with my children

Yes, that's a shame. What happened for you to have the appointment booked in with the neuropsychologist in the first place?

Because the psychologist basically saying that I was stupid the first one but then I asked to see a neuro psychologist but yet the neuro psychologist basically went over his head and said that I’ve got an IQ of 66 The first one said it was 69

A while ago,i was on sertraline,it can make you seem anxious,especially if dose is not correct for you

I was on 200 mg for going on 15 years

I was iffy even on 100mg,hope it gets sorted/an improvement for you

At the moment that’s what I’m on I’m on 100 mg to start with two years ago I was on 200 mg Dave got reduced down to 150 and then last year I reduced it myself and then told Doctors afterwards but then all this has been documented and by the neuro psychologist and a psychiatrist so I can’t fail if you’re not I mean and they are picking me apart and I think it’s odd because the neuro psychologist said that I would never hold a job and I’m basically going to prove them all wrong because I’ve just applied to become a trainee engineer working on the train lines Will be working on the HS2 line

good luck with job prospects, it's a good thing in proving people wrong

That’s one thing I am going to do make them see I am capable, and it’s good pay as well £144 a day once qualified but then again after 2 to 3 years it jumps up from £12 an hour to £30 an hour

good luck thrillseeker,one thing I like is, proving myself and others wrong

You me both love believe me I know that this is going to shock them but hey let’s it happen

Because the psychologist basically saying that I was stupid the first one but then I asked to see a neuro psychologist but yet the neuro psychologist basically went over his head and said that I’ve got an IQ of 66 The first one said it was 69

Psychologists don't prescribe medication so commenting on medication is outwith their field of expertise. ask to see a psychiatrist and even better a neuropsychiatrist if you have access to one

Problem is they’ve said that I’m to see psychiatrist the neuro psychologist said I’m to see a psychiatrist because I sounded too confident as I said to the neuropsychologist it is medical negligence leaving me on 200 mg if I’ve been going back to the GP and telling them that I’ve been having hot sweats confusion bouts of anger and all the neuropsychologist said is I can’t comment because clearly knew that I was right but to the court he’s making me look silly and stupid by saying I’ve got an IQ of 66%

The psychologist cannot and will not comment on medication as that is not their job, you need to see a psychiatrist who can provide evidence to the court regarding medication as that is their job, 200mg of Sertraline is a lot,its the maximum dose, sounds like it needs to be adjusted

Well this has been asked of him so I am not sure

Yeah thrillseeker it all adds up 1st neuro psychologists know nothing about drugs 2and medical experts wont act in your interests they only want to keep you quiet so u don't bother them. When my gp put me on sertraline it set me off on a non task orientated trip and gave me headaches at night. Take control of it yourself. Ignore any intervention by social workers your gp and neuro psychologists.

Don't actually agree with you charlie, if Thrillseeker wants to see his kids, he needs to pay attention to everyone, get help from the psychiatrist and get stable and not having bouts of anger and confusion.

Thrillseeker - can't your GP or the psychiatrist help switch you to a different drug ? If you ask for help to get off a drug and onto one that doesn't have these side effects, won't that prove that you don't want to be aggressive?

I am stable its be cause I had stopped taking my medication 2 years ago that made it hard for me to cope, how ever I do believe that I am been picked up on by them as they seem to want to pull my life apart and so on and yet all they are doing is getting a bad picture of me, and yes I have a brain injury that isn't going to fix its self or get any better, how ever they say I am a numb n*ts that hasn't got a clue but clearly I many not no my math's and my English very good, and my reading is some what slow but my phone is my brain, I make notes of things and I can cook because I did a chef course when I was 16 yrs it wasn't to become a chef it was to learn to cook I am now a 44 yr old man and have been Unemployed most my adult life, because I am poor at math's and so on and in a job you need to know things to add up but firstly this isn't going to stop me from been an engineer I will show them all

Painting girl maybe I should explain myself my specialist has been changed and he 1st insisted I have contact with only one named gp because of what he found in my brain which was a cerebral infarction all gp practices have been renamed clinical commissioning groups because they have power to buy in what services are needed the patient doesn't have that power . Gps claim they are over worked now as well. My gp practice has atlast been notified that I only speak to one gp who sees my interaction difficulties. I can say more here than if I was asked to explain and ask for something and ask questions when talking to a gp. I go silent if anyone shouts at me its alot of so called medical experts are more likely to be patronising than take what I say seriously enough and get something done about it. Usually they just do a letter which gets you onto a waiting list somewhere else on into a another computer system without taking responsibility for chasing up their letter. So I have to rely time and again on self diagnosis. Like thrillseeker I have had to give up the idea of an employer I have had so many jobs that came to an end after 6 to 12 months the only job that lasted longer was part time 3 to 4 days a week for 4 years and it wasn't a job since he was not paying my tax or national previous specialist totally betrayed my trust by sending a medical report which my employer at the time had sight of, and then let me I have lost confidence in alot of medical experts...I hope u understand

IQ isn't everything you know, try not to focus on that.

But the problem is that I am been made out to look a fool and I cant say hold on I know that you are saying I have learning difficulties but that still doesn't mean that I am any less capable as any one else, look at it this way they are saying I am a person that is dumb and cant cook or clean my ex partner has pointed out that I am some sort of person that didn't do anything for my self but yet I cooked cleaned and even did the shopping on line but she has said I am dumb too but she's the one that wouldn't help me I even saw to all of the children and she sat there when they would kick and fight leaving me to deal with it everyone has a breaking point and she made it difficult for me

Yes, you can do practical things like everyone else. Did you ever get help to get into work or an apprenticeship (there's no upper age limit).

The IQ numbers must feel upsetting and hurt your feelings, but people do know that the questions are very specific - so are probably putting less weight on them than you are yourself.

What happened at your breaking point?

Nope no help I spoke to my buddy Odets sons friend as he’s doing a training course for the HS2 train, and I said I wanted a job and that my maths and English is poor and he said text this number and ask to be put on the next course and this was all last month I can’t wait to start

Good. Hope you get it - sounds good.

Thanks painting-girl

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