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ID card


Hi, does anyone have any recommendations on where to get a medical ID card? I want to get one for my purse. Also has anyone got a medic id bracelet or necklace? I may look into this too. Thank you

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I just purchased a new one

Thank you for the link 🙏


I ordered one off Etsy. If you search medical brackets you will see a lot of different options. Some give you the option to list what you want to list on there. I hope this helps.


Thank you for the information of Etsy🙏

Headway do a brain injury id card that puts some of your problems u struggle with after brain injury, I keep it in my wallet

Astley10 Thank you for the information I will take a look

headwayukAdministrator in reply to Cornishwaves247

Hi, here's a link to our ID Card application if you need it:

Just to add to the good advice from other members here :)

Best wishes,


I purchased this

It isn't as chunky as it looks and would be ideal for a lady. As I mentionned on a previous post on the front I have my symptoms and PTO on the back I have my name, D.O.B. and my mobile phone PIN code so they can access my emergency contacts and further information

Thank you for sharing. Appreciate it 🙏

You can so get an app call ice, has all your medical information on it

Headway do a brain injury Identity card has a pic is personalised and has contact info for Headway. It like a little safty net for me (never had to use it) but if i get into any scrapes, in my quest for independence, it helps me explain

just seen that haedway have already said this but can back up that it is a usefull tool

Thank you Claire-morrissey

Medic alert are amazing, seriously worth a look, yearly subscription is £30 but they have some good benifits including a 24hour help line accessible anywhere in the world for medical staff to call to find out your details etc should they need too. The detail on the card is controlled by you and they have medical staff to assist with this.



I've got a medic alert bracelet too - I think they are good. I had it originally because of allergic reactions, but have added the TBI since.

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