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Frustrated with people's general attitude #invisable disability


So after weeks of trying to muster the courage and struggling to fill the form in to go to contact warrington to apply for a bus pass. I had paper work needed and ID there was a page missing saying break down of points awarded for mobility component of pip at enhanced level clearly u need maximum points to get enhanced level . However the staff member took one look at me decided I looked ok and didn't need a bus pass .. her attitude became snotty and she was short with me ... it had taken me 2 weeks in all to fight my front door and get out before closing time ( a few failed attempts) a crushing feeling in my chest as I have experienced this majority of time since my injury .. t be area became busy as I had picked dinnertime, which was over .. noise raised I couldn't cope my 9 yr old daughter was with me & I felt for her too i stepped out side nearly got mowed down trying to flee the noisy crowd it had become intolerable . my daughter grabbed my hand thankfully there was a black cab. I got home struggled desperately with my key as my opposite neighbours are a willing but unhelpful audience to my struggles after what seemed an age and three attempts at putting the key in the door I collapsed in a heap of tears ... I feel angry that I get like this . angry at the staff for not listening or being patient ... and angry, upset that my little girl has to see and feel this too ... how do we make people understand the effects they cannot see ?

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So sorry that you had this problem. Can I suggest that you forward a copy of this to the manager at the contact centre. Their staff should be trained to deal with people with all types of disabilities. They need to be told that their attitude is unacceptable. I know how hard it is to get people to realise that just because someone looks OK, they do have hidden problems. In M&S they have a notice in the toilets saying 'not all disabilities are visible'. Maybe we need more of these!

Hi Vick.

Have you contacted Headway to see if they can help or assist you. Can you apply for the new Headway card. I used the old card when applying for my pass.

It pre warns who deals with you that you may have unseen difficulties.

It seems forever to be a hidden disability, I know they more I try and fit in with " normal" society I do not help my case, but it helps me function.

I feel the more the card is used then the more people will be exposed to its message of the more it will become less hidden.


Vick77 in reply to paxo05

Thank you the card is a good idea. I don't know how to explain it but its as if I'm not able cope with process In involved in contacting people or groups it's almost to big a process hence why the above prob happened seems I'm being negative really not.

I wish so badly this gets better. before I run out of steam .but thankyou for your support everybody xxx

I have that well put " crushing feeling" on occasions on failing simple things too at times. And the Fact it's hidden & Also I have too hide it on previous occupation.. Alone, struggling. But a Fighter since 2001. Glad you had a little hand to hold onto. Keep safe & strong.

Hi Vick, who are they kidding ?

If you have evidence that you are on high rate mobility PIP, you qualify automatically. Do you have someone who can accompany you when you stomp back down there and shove their own rules in their face ? Grrr... very cross on your behalf ! Angela x

I was able to apply for my husband's on line


Oh bless you sounds like a nightmare what you went through. I think to a large extent most of us have encountered 'blinkered' attitudes and afraid to say I've had it from both professionals and general people alike. Makes me realise just how little is understood about bi. It would make life so much easier if people actually listened rather than assumed, which is what makes this forum such a great place to visit, people listen and do understand :-) sending you a hug x

I have a bus pass and i sit on the seats for disabled ppl on purpose.

Of course i move if theres someone experiencing difficulty but i wait for an able bodied person to challenge me, and they do

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