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Tough times


2 1/2 years down the line, and my dads hypoxic brain injury just seems as bad as it was 2 years ago. His brain has improved slightly, but he still has us up almost every single night all through the night confused wanting to go for walks or thinking he has to be in work when he doesn’t realise he can’t work anymore and it’s killing us all. Is there anybody out there going through this as we all feel like we are living in a nightmare as no matter how tired he is, he still manages to get us up and keep us all awake. All feel like we can’t cope anymore it’s so hard.

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Its hard. Im only 8 mo in with my hubby. He desperately wants to get back to work, drive etc. I dont know that he wont, but it wont be soon. He just started saying he diesnt trust his brain so he is started to see change.

I guess we just love them and try to make asjustments as needed. Is there anything you can give your dad to do that makes him feel like he is at work?. Can you schedule him regular walks at a convenient hour?.

Ill pray for your family.

Best of luck 🙏

Hi Angelia1234, he has his own business which is now ran by a family member and he helps out there as he unfortunately is too mixed up to do it himself as he doesn’t have the capacity any longer . He does go for walks etc as well in the day time but no matter how busy we keep him, some nights he just won’t sleep. Hard going some days, when you have had no sleep. Hopefully after some time this stops, and hopefully his brain will settle more. Fingers crossed 😊

21/2 years unfortunately is no time at all as far as a brain injury is concerned.

before my bi, i worked with people with dementia and although they were prescribed sleeping tablets, they would spend night after night walking up and down the corridors, the night staff would put them back to bed but theyd be up again.

maybe you should consider employing a carer at night thus allowing you and the family to get a goodnights sleep, so if your father wants to go for a walk the carer can go with him.

id also suggest getting the headway id card.

good luck


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Thanks very much for advice,I really need to get him Id card. I’m glad you said 2 1/2 years is not a long time, as it gives us more hope. Thanks so much

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