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Well tomorrow I go for a angiogram, my consultant says he has to see what’s going on. My story so far is I had aneurysm found in 2012 and stents and coils fitted, it lasted until 2016, when it ruptured, I had further coils fitted to stem the bleeding and I recovered well, returning to work, and getting on with life. This year however, I started having tia, I ended up in a Majorcan hospital for my holiday and have had further scans since coming home. I have been off work since July, never claimed benefits before so not sure where I go from here., so any help Alice xx

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Good luck for tomorrow Alice ; hope all goes smoothly and results are helpful. The Benefits & Work site is probably the best place for guidance on entitlements ; it's really comprehensive ( & jargon free) and for a small subscription you can even get personal advice if needed.

Cat x

I refused the coils as I wanted my anyeursms fixing right the first time round n coils Success was 5percent n crainiotamy was 99 percent so I demanded crainiotamy for both side of head n glad I did reading this, hope all went well xx

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