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Esa assessment

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I am 14 weeks since my third major operation. I am being asked to go to an assessment my doctor has said i am not well enough to have this at the moment last year i had a large grade 2 tumour removed the type they told me could come back so i will be monitored every six months.2 weeks later i then got a severe infection thus me ending up losing my bone flap.Then about 14 weeks ago i had a titanium plate fitted DWP stressing me right out can you help atall.

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I feel for you Starwars, I have found it useful to be able to contact directly by email DWP, here is the address I use.

hope this helps, having trouble myself at the mo'

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Thanks for reply what is dwhi stand for im prob being bit thick

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I've no idea mate, there should be an n in operation though I was just sending another post to clarify when Isaw your reply.

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Thank you

The difficulty here is the factors that will decide if certain criteria are met but in principle someone can qualify for the benefit without scoring the required points, however the pending assessment may mean there may not be enough time.

Both regulation 29 & 35 can passport someone on to ESA.

I'll not give further info due to the complexity and the need to have 1 to 1 advice.

Some Headway groups have contacts with Welfare Benefit advisers or you may have a local Welfare Benefit service or CAB. A progressive GP practice may have referral protocols to local agencies providing benefit advice.

If it's just a matter of being too unwell at the moment a GP letter may pursued them to delay the medical or conduct it in your home.

Thank you

Can your Doctor not give you a letter to say you are not well enough to attend? They are usually more than helpful with folks like yourself. However, if I was you, I would attend, (with the letter) and you might just find D.S.S will be sympathetic.You may be moved to the other group, where you only need to attend every few months, and you will not be expected to go to work.I hope things resolve for you soon.

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Have been in touch with doctor he is backing me all the way they had received the form he completed but they are saying there is not enough information dont know what they looking for he already put brain tumour severw infection and cranioplasty all within eight months i have had a right kicking and also got my neuropsychotherapist on board aswell.It is disgraceful they are doing this to me just want to be left alone to recover seems like no one listens to me at dwp

This sounds like form ESA113, this has tick boxes, to indicate their patient has difficulties performing the activities which attract points. However unless the GP goes on to explain what the difficulties are it only gives a limited amount of useful information.

The form does have a question "Can your patient attend a medical examination and travel by taxi or public transport" with a box to expand upon this answer.

It's possible your GP didn't give sufficient information explaining why you can't travel, if your GP can provide further details it may satisfy the DWP that you are unable.

We have put together a letter explaining copys of letters from my neuropsychotherapist and doctor i just need to recover no where near ready for work as i have already been told

At the moment the question of you being able to work isn't in dispute it's are you well enough to have a medical assessment at the normal venue or at home.

If the evidence you've supplied support that you are unable to travel, the DWP should then consider if a home assessment would be appropriate. If they are not satisfied I'd ask them what element is not clear in the medical evidence you have provided. From my experience the words used by a GP may give an impression contrary to the intent.

The danger is someone who fails to attend a medical without just cause will be deemed fit to work and benefit payment will be stopped.

get your wife to contact dwp, explain what your gp or consultant has said and give them the address and phone number so they can contact the person to confirm.


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Thanks have done that we are fighting it not being pushed back and letting them go over the heads of the professional people i have looking after me dont think they realise what a traumatic time it has been for me and my family

if youve got all the back up support in writing from your medical team then i cant see there being a problem my friend.

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We have thanks the things you have to do to get a buck out of the government its a joke ive always worked didn't ask for my tumour and all the rest thats gone with it infection an plate its been a nightmare and its not over i have to have scans every six months because the type of tumour it was they think could come back still struggling coming to terms with it all.

i understand where youre coming from, ive worked all my life, was a member of her majestys armed forces ( came out in 86 ) and always worked, wasnt bothered what the work was.

before my stroke id spent over 20 years working in the health and social care sector with the elderly and adults with learning disabilities and mentaltal health, i loved it, best job in the world.


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Respect to you i was a part time firefighter for 7yrs loved it and worked at aylesford newsprint lot of hours like yourself done your dutie when you get ill its tough as we have been so dependant.

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respect my to you and all fire fighters.

Oh my goodness this system just keeps continuing to shock me!

They can do this assessment at home I had called them re my husbands assessment to change place of assessment as too difficult to get too. I then received a message asking if preferred could be done at home as causing undue stress to my husband but it was night before due to go to so declined.

Just call or get someone to call for you just give that person authority to speak on your behalf.

Sorry just realised this was 6 months ago- need to go to specs savers.... Hope all is well with you now 💕

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They are leaving me alone now someone has realised how ill ive been and i am unable to work as i am recovering from my 3rd operation had brain tumour removed then got infection and june last Year had titsnium plate fitted as i had lost my boneflap due to the infection.


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Glad to hear it. You certainly have been through the mill. Hope you are getting stronger after everything you’ve been through 🙏

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