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Thank you

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Let’s appreciate others this Monday and just say two lovely words - Thank you. I always like to acknowledge others whether it’s at work or at home , family, friends, colleagues even your partner. Actually the closest people around you are sometimes forgotten, so just stop and show how much you appreciate them with a ‘thank you’. .


If you have read my book Room 23 - Thank you and if you would like to write a review - Thank you in advance. This can help others decide whether the book would be beneficial for them. Happy Monday and enjoy your day! .


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yes a beautiful saying i love someone else saying thx eddie

if i help someone it could be just like my pharmacist seen fruit loaf

from m s and said oh have you tried it eddie with butter

cant remember when but everytime i go get my medication

i always buy her a loaf she so nice and careing just that cheers me up

or if which everyone should and probebly does do is i always put others first so i might be in shop see a lady struggling im there in a secound she or he cant reach the shelf ill do that love thank you god i feel warm in my heart .

Thank you x

I say thank you many times a day for the help I still need from my husband and daughter —-THANK YOU .

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