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BI group I go to up for health improvement award next week

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The BI group I go to has been shortlisted for the health improvement award next weekThursday I think. I have no idea how these awards work or anything, but apparently there was a way people could vote for people to be up for the award, but none of the group was told due to the man who set it up not wanting to be seen to be pushing people to vote for him. Well a few week back someone from the awards came to film a bit of what happens day to day at the group as they have been shortlisted it’s between the BI group, a stroke group or a fitness cycling group who wins now. A panel of judges will decide now who should win. I think the awards will get a quick mention on the local Yorkshire news. Not sure how much of the filming will be shown but there was a funny bit at allotment where I was told about not having gloves on when just touching some sweet corn (long running joke between a few of us over the stupid health and safety they have to follow)

Whatever result the group will be happy to raise more awareness about BI and everyone who goes is proud to be part of it.

I would love them to win this award for all they do for everyone who goes. Also the man who set it up has just had a tough few month having to work extra hours due to staff shortage. Have really seen him struggle but he kept everything as normal as possible and I would say actually made things get better than they was before the staff shortage so he really does deserve this award.

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