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Mixed emotions

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I have just been told the headway social group I have attended for about the past 5 years once a month due to lack of attendance may be winding down and I have mixed emotions as if it wasn't for the group/staff I wouldn't have been referred to biru and put on medication for anxiety, asked to give my speech, get my article published, go to their head office, find out about this forum, do things like rock climbing and other stuff as well as learn that I'm not alone in what I have to deal with day to day but due to the drama that has unfolded in the past year due to new members which have shifted the dynamic of the group i haven't found it as fun to attend like I have done in previous years and I walk away feel more stressed and wound up in the run up, during the group and after the group so i have mixed emotions (and I can poke about on this forum and if needed call up HWB if in dire need) but the future doesn't look bright I did have a feeling that something bad may happen when I saw "fresh" members attend which was good but like I said span the group dynamics on its head making it unsettling but centre management may find others ways to keep it running at a reduced cost/limit.

I know why it's being put under threat and I for one always attend and pay if needed (and turn up with 30 mins - 1 hour early before the staff to take into traffic considerations) and if I cant I have the decency to inform the group leads sorry can't make it because of X and y or if I say I can make it but then on the night something crops up I drop them a text or email expressing my apologies and give a reason (normally due to either work over running late, being too tired or transport troubles are the reason) so I may be posting a RIP 2014 -2018 HIYA post but once they have a few avenues to take they will sit us all down and let us pick which way they should go (as the group is for our benefit not HWB)

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So sorry to hear that Bexx....hope they sort out the funding soon.

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It's more about people loyalty, courtesy and respect to the group and staff who give up their evening when they say they will turn up so HWB pay for X amount of people but only a quarter of that number turn up and they lose money that could be spent else were which is why on a few past recent activities they have asked for a non re fundable donation which if you turn up you get it back which is their way of saying if you don't turn up you pay for it so you lose out not us and on some events because they know I will always turn up I don't have to pay in advanced

"as a charity feel at present with the low numbers it has not been financial viable along with having to give staff members Toil to support the group."

For some weird reason I just got all emotional after typing that post and bursted into tears (it's been a long tiring day)

If I've read your post correctly if everyone turns up they receive no money, if that's correct cost may not be the issue.

I'd see the Trustees having a duty to inform those who their charity is providing a service to, to fully inform it's service users of the policy being adopted.

In my experience many groups are aided by volunteers with the support of a paid worker, so perhaps they're paying for someone who doesn't need to be there. But that's me just guessing, when you have a right not to.

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no they are paying staff to manage and support a certain about of people to show up because they originally say yes but on the actual night only a quarter of those people turn up so there isnt the need for that amount of staff but they dont know until on the day which is why they have to many staff that dont need to be there so they are effectively wasting money and I turn up every single time and really enjoy myself unless there is a issue on the night which is out of my control so I think its unfair when other people are enjoying the group but those who decide last minute to not to turn up because for what every reason decide to ruin it for everyone else causing the group to cease

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sealiphone in reply to bexx87

The issue about wasting money is open to question, the Trustees will be making decisions about the best use of their income.

I'd say the Trustees need to discuss these issues with the people they are there to support.

The obvious thing to explore is the recruitment of volunteers. Of the groups I've been involved with volunteers have been involved in and sometimes responsible for presentations, grant applications, working with GPs and Neuro-rehab along with many other social policy issues.

Many service users come from a wide range of experience and becoming involved in these projects can be a way of testing your old skills, along with other volunteers you could run the whole thing without any paid workers.

Given my experience I gave presentations put together funding applications and did Q&A sessions for GP surgeries concerning ESA & PIP.

In the charitable sector it's not unusual to have a volunteers who is much more experienced than a paid worker.

I can no longer read any comments on this thread as its winding me up because it feels like no one is getting my point.

I did not create this post to start a massive debate over trustees and funding, what I was trying to get across is EVERYONE else in the group that I go to gets help and support from HWB, this group IS MY OWNLY CONNECTION with headway and if this group stops that connection THAT I HAVE and my ONLY connection gets severed.

I now need to try and calm down and stop shaking and crying because this whole ordeal about have to even consider and thinking about it is upsetting

Bexx so very sorry to hear about your group. It must be very distressing to face the possibility of losing the group that has provided you with support and opportunities. I hope they can find a way to deal with the thoughtlessness and irresponsibility of people who don’t turn up. Sadly I think charging people in advance is probably what is needed to cover costs and it will provide the incentive to attend. Big hugs, sorry you didn’t get a more understanding response here. Xx

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thank you it means a lot :-)

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