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Challenge day finally

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Long story short the BI group I go to is organising hill walks to build up to 3 Yorkshire peaks. The 3 Yorkshire peaks was my idea as the man who runs group doesn’t think I’d manage which is the reason why they are building up to them.

We did a 5 mile hill walk in July which 2 didn’t manage and one struggled. None of them 3 are doing tomorrow’s 10 mile in hope valley. This is probably going to be the furthest I’ve walked up hills and it will be after not much sleep tonight so could be a small challenge but one I am determined to manage. The man who runs group has said he thinks I will struggle towards end and today decided to wind me up more saying he doesn’t think I’ll manage it. He knows I will and knows him saying he doesn’t think I will manage will make me more determined to prove him wrong.

It’s going to be 10 mile in hope valley which means 2 hour travel there and back longer for me to get to where they set off from it’s an hour travel. Also been mentioned today we mite go in a cavern as well.

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Good luck - you certainly have the right attitude to help you get though. Hope the weather is fine for you :)

Well eventful enjoyable day. Much tougher than the 5 mile even before getting to 5 mile. The last 5 was fine all flat ground so easy. First few mile all up hill and didn’t really stop which was a bit much for me. I felt dizzy and had to stop to sit down. Seemed to be the worst possible time as it was only 2 mile in so going back was an option which I had no intention of doing. Man who runs group is a worrier and cautious so would probably of sent me straight back if he thought I would without a fuss, but he only asked once if I wanted to go back. I think he knew answer before asking. Was tough as I don’t like a fuss and have always said he worries too much well he had reason to today. Luckily after only a few min rest and a chocolate bar that I really wasn’t hungry for I felt ok to carry on and finish the walk.

Well after me being the one to struggle it’s been decided no longer walks unfortunately. Actually sounds like the man was more worried about me than I thought. He said I wasn’t responding at one point which I think was probably a one off or cos I was concentrating where I was going as way he describes it I know there is no way he would have let me carry on and he did seem to relax once we carried on and had eaten.

He has said he will do another same length hill walk and maybe walk one of the Yorkshire peaks. So he is willing to do things that I will struggle with. So that’s where me doing so hill practice myself and trying to improve my balance comes in. I’m hoping if I manage that distance and one of 3 Yorkshire peaks he may reconsider doing longer ones. Also could mention other things that would be challenging but I’d manage which would help towards 3 Yorkshire peaks eventually. The man does seem open to possibly doing more in future if he knows people will be ok so something to work towards.

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I'm sure I remember saying a long time ago that people have little idea how strenuous walking on the hills can be, so your experience is not unusual.

I'd say unless you're very fit being up there can be dangerous, especially when visibility is no more than a few meters.

Never push yourself too hard when you take on a route and don't trust Wainwright when it comes to difficulty. There are good sites out there, which grade walks and give expected time to complete.

For a new, averagely fit person, double that time, would be my advice.

Being up there can be like a religious experience when you witness the wonder.

So your build up to it is definitely the right thing to do, good luck and don't push yourself too hard, await the wonder.

You never know some day you may be on Scafell Pike, scary but worth it.

Well the group has now got new member of staff tho she isn’t sure she could manage the hill walking the man definitely seems to want to be able to do more hill walks. He has said no longer hill walks than the 10 mile and mentioned doing one of the 3 Yorkshire peaks is something he’d do. The main problem for him I think is not having enough staff to do the walks. The 2 other members of staff who did the last walk have said they don’t want to do any longer ones. There is one other woman who helps the charity a lot who they would be able to put in as staff member so with her more walks would be possible I think as there would only be 5 of us for 2 members of staff.

I did mention today about doing another same distance walk and the man straight away agreed and said he will early next year exactly when I was hoping for. Then I asked if I managed it easy would he consider doing longer ones and he didn’t really say anything which considering he knows I won’t rest til he does do longer ones if he doesn’t make it clear he isn’t going to I think he is open to doing longer ones providing he knows everyone will be ok.

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