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Long term effects of brain injury


Its coming up to 9 years after my accident. when i acquired a tbi ,fractured skull and subdural haematoma made more complicated with an l5 verterbrae collapse of my spine which really effects my mobility.i just cant get over it .its bn 9yrs and i have done nothing with my life i feel like lifes goin by and iam jus waiting on the big man to call my card.i wish i had just went.does anyone else feel this way.because im struggling now i cant see my future getting any better.

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Yes i was not happy with quality of life after a SAH. However, it is probably best to try to do something with that existence. Just do anything no matter how small. Voluntary work which can be done at home is telephone befriending. Meet up with people at a local Headway group. Just try to be more positive. I know it is hard but not much alternative unless you book a flight to Dignitas!

I assume you're missing your active lifestyle Craig and haven't been able to let go mentally of your 'old' life. It's so hard when your mind and body are no longer in sync.

It's not surprising that we fall into depression after such life changing limitations ; it's akin to bereavement except that we somehow manage to carry on after the loss of another person, but it's a different matter adapting to the loss of self because of the massive practical, physical, and psychological challenges we face 24/7 and the feelings of helplessness.

You don't mention family or partner, so could it be that you're coping alone ? My family constantly reinforce my feelings of worth even after 6 & 1/2yrs, so if I'm feeling down they don't let me stay there for long. But I also take a daily antidepressant to help me independently and it does keep me from constantly looking back and lamenting my past life.

Have you tried CBT ? It can clear a big space in your brain for focusing on the here & now and on how to change your thinking to regain a worthwhile quality of life.

Keep talking here too Craig ; Headway has been a lifeline for me. Cat x

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