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new brain injury story (bit makeshift!)

When I got chatting to the very helpful woman on the Headway helpline we discussed how I use to write (boring law journal articles and stuff for kids) but didnt seem to be able to write anymore. For one thing I struggle to think of the right words and feel that severe depression has squashed out any creativity. But we also discussed trying to write a story with animals with brain injures - maybe for children and adults.

Anyways, I just wrote the following straightout to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, the story will improve as my brain remembers how to write.


Bernard (an elephant): So the doctor told me to make sure that the forest clearing was quiet and dark and I would sleep just fine.

Sylvia (a monkey): That sounds like good advice. When I cant sleep I ...

Bernard: Yes. But I've tinnitus blasting in my head and bright orange dots and dark swirling clouds when I shut my eyes. So I won't ever experience silence or darkness again.

Sylvia: Oh my! I guess the doctor forgot about that.

Bernard: I guess so.

Sylvia: What does the tinnitus sound like if its ok to ask?

Bernard: Ummm, its a bit like there is a very bad student band practicing nearby, a search and rescue helicopter flying over head, and someone whistling under the bed.

Sylvia: That must be horrid. I’m so sorry.

Bernard: Thanks. What about you?

Sylvia: Well, a herd of wilder beasts stampeded and before I could climb up a tree I was ... well I don’t know what happened next. I woke up and what looked like a complete stranger was standing over me. And she kept calling me daughter.

Bernard: How frightening. Did you find out who she was?

Sylvia: Yes, it was my mum.

Bernard: In disguise?

Sylvia: No! I just didn’t recognise her.

Bernard: .Oh, because of concussion?

Sylvia: Exactly.

Bernard: Where is she now?

Sylvia: Well, I was sticking a twig into a termite mound for just a few moments, turned round, and the whole troupe had gone. Execpt that is for three older monkeys lying dead.

Bernard: Oh Sylvia, I'm sorry. Well, I wont rest until we find out what happened and find your mum.

... to be continued ....

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Very good Charlieab. Can't wait to read some more...

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Thanks lcd8. Just need to work out what happens next!

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Wow love it sounds like a good start x

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Thanks Prettthings1. I think Ive lost my sense of humour but maybe it will creep back in.

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Can’t wait to read what happens next


We're all on tenterhooks charlielab, a good chuckle has been had by a few I'll bet.

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Thanks Fredkins. Hope you doing well,


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