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Noise - I think


Hi all, I've been trying to find some information to my question with no luck. Was hoping that maybe someone could help. I've read about others not liking noise but I have the complete opposite I can't do quiet. I have to have some noise going on all the time, whether its the radio or the television, sometimes both. Its a real daft question I know. I tell people its to stop my head from talking to me, if I have noise then I don't have to listen to my head. Probably nuts, people tell me I am so starting to believe it myself. The first thing I do when I get up is put my television on, i'm not actually watching it or know whats on its just for the noise. I go for a shower and put my radio on in my bedroom, I just can't cope with the quiet. Am I going nuts.

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It does sound, as you say, like an escape from uncomfortable thoughts Chelle. Everyone does it to some extent ; when I'm really stressed I find that listening to my favourite music tracks banishes unwanted thoughts for that duration and lifts my spirits enough to think more rationally.

Unless you're actually hearing voices in your head I don't believe you have a problem (although constant TV/Radio noise would drive me nuts !) But I do have the occasional need for external sound to get a break from constant Tinnitus.

Also, I think living alone can create a need for 'company' which TV background noise can fulfill to some degree & I do understand how (on low volume for me) it can feel reassuring. We all have our own little quirks for getting through a day...……….none of which should classify us as 'Nuts' !! Do whatever you need to do m'love to get by...…….whatever works in your world. 😏 x

Strongly suspect you're not nuts but normal, a person experiences something traumatic and it's bound to play on their mind. Any method which can alleviate negative thoughts is a very good survival method mine is the gym, this site and music.

Don't let people who don't understand play on your mind, they're just fortunate not to have experienced what you have.

However if these thought become too intrusive certainly speak to your GP about it.

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