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Hi all

I'm off om my hols soon and althouhh I am looking forward to it I am NOT looking forward to the airport.

I suffer with noise filtration or rather not filtering to be exact. Was wondering igf any others had this. Its mainly worse in large open areas such as airports . I have tried various things to try and keep calm and it seems only druggingyself wiyh "happy pills" seems to be a solution.

Awaiting any response Pax

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  • Earplugs Pax. Any good chemist will have a range to choose from with varying degrees of soundproofing. Enjoy the holiday ! :-/ xx

  • I have a set of headphones that filter sound, I pretend I'm listening to an iPod and wear them, they just help filter out some of the annoying frequencies but I'm still able to hear if any one speaks to me xx

    Janet x

  • My only tactic is total avoidance, Pax, sorry, not terribly helpful! Haven't been in an airport since last disastrous holiday in France when I spent most of it in bed. The hell that was the airport followed by the total hell that was 2 days at Disney was such an assault on my senses that the following week in a cottage by the sea was obliterated. Husband took one look at me 2 days before we were due to leave, decided I was in no fit state to cope with another airport and flight and changed the tickets for a ride home on a ferry....

    Ever since we have gone by boat if crossing to the continent, but generally we have found it is less likely to make me suffer holiday-itis if we stay closer. In the uk, we usually travel by rail, interestingly (suits me better than the car as I can get up and move around so my limbs don't seize. Plus OH doesn't have to drive, only fair as he does all the driving all the rest of the time). Gives me the opportunity to take my wheelchair or buggy too in spite of all the suitcases (!) which means I can do more when we get there.

    I try to handle noisy places by zoning out, or like Janet blocking out. It isn't uncommon for me on a busy train to appear to be asleep...I am not, just keeping all that unnecessary noise and visual information from accessing my poor befuddled brain to give me more chance of being compos mentis and able to be vertical at the end of the journey.

    I guess you just need to do whatever you need to do to protect your head. If that means you need to be blacked out visually with eye masks or light restriction glasses, and earplugged up to the max, and so need to be guided or wheeled around then so be it. You get through an airport way way quicker in a wheelchair, I can tell you. Some countries like France even employ nice people to push you!

    Hope you find a solution to suit - and have a lovely time away with holiday-itis kept at bay!

  • Noise cancelling headphones might help especially if playing a relaxation CD of natural sounds and if they are the big over ear type in a bright colour people tend to give you a bit more space as a bonus.



  • One of the Headway guys always has an earphone set around his neck, and when it gets noisy, he puts them on. Works for him!

    I would suggest some earplugs into your phone, and have quiet soothing music playing. That's what I did when I flew to South Africa. !!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday.


  • I meant Headphones, for the guy at Headway!

  • If you want near total exclusion then decent wax earplugs will stop a lot; wear ear defenders over them.

    Noise is a problem to us BI types and whilst I use earplugs I can 'sense' low frequency sounds , which is a pain.

    Good luck.

  • I'd read about music on headphones ( walkman i -pad )etc but haven't tried it myself. I also have problems in busy noisy areas but thought that it was just me until I phoned the Headway helpline!

  • Thanks guys

    Have tried the headphones trick but only works whilst listening to music as well. Problem being then unable to hear anything. So its all or nothing O am afraid.

    Same with ear plugs. It is a minor glich to be able to enjoy a family holiday.

    It seems a common problem and it is mainly airports that cause me problems.

    Will stick to medication and chilling out prior to going.

    Thanks again for help Pax

  • Hi Pax

    Yes I use earplugs and sunglasses to decrease sensory and auditory overload. I find airports a nightmare, too busy, too noisy and somebody always manages to bash me with a trolley/suitcase.

    My partner always books us on family assistance service. You just need to phone the airline, they need no proof of disability. You are , I cannot quite remember. The sequence, but you are fast tracked through passport control etc, and sit in separate area, and then off you go in a motor buggy zooming down the long walk and on the aeroplane first. It is great, try it, even just for the overload and noise, you will, not have to que😆😲

  • Have tried fastrack before and it does make it better.

    Trouble is this time going with a group of friends and wanting to stay as a group. To many to go through assisted.


  • Hi Paxo,

    I also have big problems with noise filtration or the lack of it. Any sort of loud environment say at the pub or at a club or somewhere like that.

    Years ago my auntie and uncle would invite us and other friends to go out with them to the British legion, a pub/club.

    It would start off pretty quiet but later more folks would pile in and the noise would get too much. I would not be able to hear a word I would say and could not hear what was being said to me.

    In the end I would just sit there drinking while my family and friends would be there having a wail of a time. It is definitely not one of my most enjoyable scenarios.

    I am doing a cognitive course with my local Headway at the moment and we were talking about being in conversation. A conversation anout conversations... Who would've thought :).

    Anyway, the lady running the course said she read about a guy who had tinnitus and this made him go mad cos he could hardly hear anything and he ended up killing himself because it got too much for him in the end :(.

  • It's true Matt that with earplugs the noise of tinnitus is emphasised, as is the heartbeat. But for me, it's preferable to the early morning relentless cooing of pigeons in the tree outside my window, or neighbour's power tools !

    I can understand though how it can drive people to desperation ; even after 40+ years of tinnitus it still makes a bad day far worse. :o xx

  • Hi have you checked out other forums on HealthUnlocked for advice

    Good luck

  • Yes paxo, I suffer this and it is called 'Hyperacusis"

    and following various "treatments" find the only comfort is wearing earplugs - I carry filter plugs everywhere. Acoustics in public spaces is a nightmare for me. I have found the best ones are called "Q-Zone by Go" which I get from Amazon here:

    Hope you find this helpful.

  • go on ebay and look for sennheiser noise cancelation head phones you will not hear a thing while you are wearing them nothing at all

  • Hi, I use musicians earplugs to filter out noise. You can have them custom made but I bought mine off the shelf so to speak. Mine filter out most of the background noise but still allow me to have a conversation. I've used them at a wedding, at the theatre, the cinema, and for while I'm out and about like at the shops and so on. They've been ever so handy and helpful!

    Hope you enjoy your holiday 😄 xx

  • Will look into the ear plugs again. If I canfind some that block out background noise it would be great.

    The other times it can present itself is sat in a cafe. I will be in conversation with friends when suddenly they stop talking and look puzzled.

    Yep I've done it again and joined in with a nearby tables conversation....oh the joys of explaining to strangers tgat I am not listening in on purpose. This can be amusing......but rarely is.

    I do carry a Headway card with me to help explain this.

    Friends try and stop me if they notice this to avoid any "incidents".

    Just thought I could make a great spy......if only I could remember what they had said.....mmmmmm maybe give the M I 5 a miss then.

    Thanks again Pax.

  • I hate noise of any kind esp. Crowds,shops,pubs,get togethers etc where I can be seen disappearing outside for peace n quiet.

    I've had people think I'm unsociable or in a mood for some reason, but instead of explaining myself repeatedly I tend to ignore it.

    Don't know if anyone else talks to themselves out loud without realising it?

    Curious to know 😜

  • Oh yes Jan especially when tired. Even answer myself. Most people think I am on the phone and ignore me.

    I also go really quiet when overloaded which unfortunately is simular to my epilepsy so it worries my wife. I notice the relief when she realises I am just coping with overload although she knows this also really affects me.


  • enjoy youre holiday,er you could try bread in the ears? lol or indeed ear pugs

  • Will let you know how it all works out. May even try tbe bread Razyhealth.

    tanks Pax

  • lol! have fun

  • Hi Paxo, I have this too find it very difficult in large crowded areas especially Victoria Station in London and airports but I suffered with this before my MX accident which caused my BI. I found that headphones were very effective especially noise cancelling ones. I am a carpenter and work on site a lot and use over the ear headphones and iv used them at airports too. Works a treat but then again the site of large crowds and lots of people gets me too... Maybe I need some goggles. Hope this helps. N

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