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Quirky noise thingy

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I'm wondering if any one else experiences noise as I do, apart from triggering anger/rage, any motor is heard as a threat, somehow being interpreted as an animal of some kind, buses in a certain gear become dinosaurs, others some growling predatory creature, I can only understand this as the fight or flight response in the brain being stimulated, the amygdala of course still imagines dinosaurs and pterodactyls outside ones door.

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Thats amazing Fred( i cant call you Fredikins sorry, it conjures up pictures of a cute baby, not that thats wrong of course but!!!!) i get the anger with noise of a certain level, with me its the vacuum cleaner, i want to hurt someone when thats switched on! And unfortunately the squeals and cries of children.

Going swimming is a nightmare, i have to go when its Lane swimming only , that limits me to an hour at lunchtime, but then i have to share the changing room before and after with excited girls!!!!

I must look out my earplugs😁

Janet x

I do empathise with the noise thing Fred. I think you're spot on suggesting it's an amygdala disturbance triggering regressive instincts. I used to love seeing the Police helicopter fly over, but now it gives me an apprehensive feeling. I get your dislike of bus engines too.

And, like Janet, I could resort to physical violence at the sound of car alarms/petrol mowers/hammer drills etc. but that's just the noise intolerance most of us BI-ers share.

I still love the sound of the wind though (the louder the better) probably because it's part of nature...……… xx

i cant stand noise and avoid pubs and go to a quiet area of a restaurant.

It took me a lonnnnng time to realise that that was at least part of what was happening.

What I'm going to suggest works for me but it does depend on having memory.

When you have reacted to a noise examine the event.

Ask yourself if you are still all present and if you are then it is safe to log that noise in the non threat list. Verry slowly you begin to reduce the noises that cause the reaction and begin to , sometimes, get a sense of direction or distance.

Part of the reason for it being so hard is that we have no memory at all of learning to hear/listen. Even with vision ,while we may not remember learning to see, we can sort of remember learning to catch a ball and all the refining of visual and manual dexterity skills involved in that.

Having said that there are certain sounds that continue to freak me out no matter how often I'm exposed to them and examine them.

Volume I still can't cope with.

Noise drives me nuts too. I get daily fatigue and the more tired I am the more the noise makes me wince and want to lash out to stop it. I get more sensitive to light when fatigued too. So I take myself off to bed/the car/lay under a tree, insert earplugs and pass out for an hour or so. Then I feel more human and less likely to kill someone ;-)

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