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Blue Badge for hidden disabilities


The article does not specifically mention brain injuries but the change in rules might benefit some of you. It does state that people who feel anxiety in busy or noisy environments could qualify.

I work as a helpline advisor for the public and professionals. I took a call from a woman the other day who had cancer on her brain and spine yet did not meet any of the tick box criteria for the Blue Badge. Many people do not but have just as much need for a Blue Badge as someone with physical disabilities.

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Did you all also know that Morrisons stores are to have a quiet hour for people to shop. This should help anyone affected by noise in supermarkets. No tannoy announcements, no bright lights, no noisy check-outs etc.

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Funnily enough, I went to Morrison’s this morning. There was a sign outside announcing this quiet hour taking place on Saturdays from 9am-10am. I’d like to go at that time and see just how calm and quiet it is.

I dont get this.

I had a travel pass taken off me cos Theresa (bitch) May has changed the rules.

Seems i get enough points for the mobility but its got to be made up by certain criteria.

Now the council are saying ppl with hidden disabilities qualify for a blue badge.

If you have a blue badge then you automatically get a travel pass.

This doesnt make sense

I'm presuming you mean the Nowcard an alternative route is if you would be unable to hold a driving license (if you applied).

There are also limited walking ability criteria which may apply even though someone doesn't receive the required PIP points, see here for Department of Transport guidelines:

A letter from a GP should be enough but check with your Local Authority, as some authorities specify it has to come from a specialist.

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