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Blood withdraw gone wrong?


I had to get my blood drawn. Routine. No pain. Fifteen minutes later my arm was feeling weird so I removed the gauze and the tape. It felt warm and it was bruised. I thought nothing of it. An hour later I get a hard lump where they removed my blood. I also noticed that the nurse did not remove it from the middle but to the side of my arm. It hurt a bit and was warm. The next day my opposite arm was hurting. The pain was from the bottom of my ear all the way to the tip of my fingers to my back all the way down to the last rib. Did the blood withdraw cause this? What can I do?

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Sorry but no idea on this one perhaps talking to your GP would help or maybe even the headway helpline but I would go via GP first.

The hard lump is possibly a haematoma or collection of blood under the skin. When this things happen it is usual to apply pressure immediately. Once the bleeding has stopped apply an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the affected area. Go and see your gp or go back to the person who took the blood and explain what has happened and hopefully they’ll get a Dr to look at you

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