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does chronic pain cause blood pressure rise and other symptoms that appear un-related?

the reason for my question is that I am in chronic pain which I have been told is neuropathic and because of nerve damage. I have also been told that it is difficult to treat with great success with meds. I am nearly round the bend with it to be honest. I have all the usual, daytime struggles with pain and disturbed sleep resulting in a lot of fatigue. my body feels like it has climbed mount Everest! but, my blood pressure is consistently way too high, from being normal all of my adult life until my injury and subsequent pain. the docs are vigilant and at times over the top about how I need to get my blood pressure under control but are dismissive when I ask about the severity of my constant pain and lack of sleep. I have severe burning sensation too all over, some times worse than others and a crawling sensation as if there is some sort of parasite under my skin. I do get frightened when all of this happens at the same time and it is the wee small hours of the night as I am on my own. in my opinion all these things are connected, that is not the approach docs are taking and I just wonder what on earth to do for some understanding and relief. xx

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I have suffered terribly with neuropathic pain caused by nerve damage so can literally feel your pain and its also one of the reasons why I haven't been on here for quite a while. Anyway my blood pressure has always been on the low side though have been taking readingd alot recently and it's normal so maybe something in it. Never really thought about it until I read your message. I have had some success with lyrica pregablin and nerve blocks.


Forgot to mention I also get burning and the crawling sensation but it's contained to my head and face as damage was to nerve in base of skull/neck. Also have severe fatigue but that's there with or without pain. The neurologist has also suggested physio and acupuncture. Started the physio recently


thankyou so much for your reply, just feeling a bit fedup with the pain and burning, I don't feel alone when I'm on forum and that really helps. xx


The pregablin helped with the burning but the doctors had to triple the dosage before i saw any effect. Plus side was it made me drowsy so at least I slept.


lol, there's always a side-effect with everything. my mum is on lot's of meds and half of them are to sort out the side-effects of the others! she says that some of the side-effects are worse than the condition in the first place.


Deborah, have you ever been prescribed Amitriptyline for the neuro pain ? (Sorry if I've asked this before). x


thankyou Cat, yes we have spoken about it before. the docs have not responded to my letter following the Prozac prescription nonsense. I am only being sent constant reminders of high blood pressure clinic. I am going tomorrow and am going to insist that someone listens to me about pain.


Yes Deborah, do insist. There's so much apathy among some medics (not all, I hasten to add) so you might need to stand your ground in insisting on some effective & appropriate treatment.

Let's face it, you've already waited far too long. Hope you get 'heard' m'dear. Let us know how you get on. Cat x


thankyou Cat, all true. having a really rubbish time actually and I am going to ask for every kind of support I can get. x


Have heard of this through a local pain group I attended. Personally the numbness I get is just that...numb.

The only feeling I get in my left leg is in my calf and knee. Due to loss of feeling in my leg I have an offset gait which causes pain in my knee. So the only feeling in my left leg is knee pain...sods law.

Like Cat says amitriptyline can be used for nerve pain also some epileptic drugs (tegratol being one) can be used to reduce to reduce pain receptor pain.

Come to think of it that could be what's helping my pain..

Hope you get sorted.



hi love your not alone did you no that what pain consultant said to me my whole

nervous system is badly damaged .he said I recorded him coz when I walk out of these meetings

I don't no what they have said I don't no what ive said so I checked with a judge and he said its ok for me to do it with my bi sis .the consultant said he dosnt no how I get from 1 day to the next

and the only way he could help me is sedate me all the time . and he said its not fair and wouldn't do that to me. infact I recorded any consultant or brain back and kepy all radiology scans . have all proof unbelievable .az for you love im the same and there's a lot of good people on site not just bi they are in chronic pain az well. I get hot flushes like sunburn in a second flush

also ye like there always something crawling under skin also I think there's a fly on me and I look at my legs nothing there .but chronic pain god love . I cant feel my legs sometimes and if I pee it takes ages like my brains not fully doing its job .I would say I need to no are you diagnosed with

like any slipped discs sciatica fibromyalgia hypertrophy if you email me ill tell you what works

ive taken everything prescribed and am always here for you for advice my friend eddie .

infact I wish I could take your pain away and let me have it I mean that .


thankyou so much, I too would take your pain away if I could. I am still in the middle of getting proper diagnosis for things as I was misdiagnosed for years. it is only through Headway that I have been able to get any real answers and support.


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