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That’s all I want to be left alone just me and myself, I try so hard to be positive and do all the things your supposed to breaking inside I feel empty numb desperately sad and wiped out from doing absolutely nothing, everything is a battle. Just to do anything that would make me happy. This is going to help writing it down .its not. I think it’s time to do anything about my current situation.what ? F*****g do anything for you and nobody else because you deserve it it’s my time now . And it will be blissfully beautiful magnificent unbelievably outa this world .oh god that was intense. Now that was not fun but after reading it I should not post it. My mood has changed I’m breathing again and I’m present.💫⭐️

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I keep a journal Pat-erick so i can record all those thoughts that jumble round my mind. Just writing them does help even if no-one else ever reads them.

Just living each day is so hatd, i know, keeping going and just being is so hard and tiring. It is a bit easier now than a couple of years ago but today has been a day i have been unable to do anything, ive slept the afternoon away but its the first time ive not felt guilty for doing it! I needed it so i did it.

You post your thoughts whenever you feel the need, its ok, better out than in.


Janet x

Don't hesitate in offloading your frustrations Pat. We all seem to alternate between positive and negative so there'll always be someone ready to hear you and to understand exactly what you're feeling.

Don't know whether it's the intense heat but I've struggled this past week with any kind of motivation. But I know I'll eventually bounce back (well, not bounce exactly) but I really do feel for you m'love. Sending love & hugs, Cat x

The morning after , ya yesterday wasn’t great clearly. Today will be a great day

Hi Patric hope I am not to late. I get sick of people saying you are alive. When you are not the person you were you feel trapped. I realise I have got to like the new me. 23 years later and I still do not but we do not know what is around the corner.

So understand it is not other people liking you. You have to like yourself. How long have you been like this??

Pat-rick1 in reply to Mufc

How long have I been like this ? It’s 3 yrs in January next since my accident, and it’s in the last year or so I have noticed the changes. My mood ,temper ,and impatience are getting shorter. It would not take a lot for me to flip

I wish I could tell you things will improve all I can say is maybe they will improve. It has not for me I still loose my temper very easily. I have improved I use to have 24 hour care. At the moment no cares at all however my husband is divorcing me so I will have to employ a driver and someone to organise things. Not sure how much help I’ll need. I have been married for 24 years so this is very upsetting for me. Just have to remember there is someone worst of than me. My way of copping is to get a dog😀😀.

Pat-rick1 in reply to Mufc

A dog is something I want and will get when the time is right 😊

AlmaMatters in reply to Mufc

Dogs are fantastic companions, loyal, faithful and trustworthy - something you really need. They also help you ‘get out the house’ when it would be so much easier to just not go etc. I hope you both feel better soon. We’ve all been there/are there with the fluctuating moods. Ride it out as best you can and consider adopting a dog - it’s been proven petting an animal released endorphins! Also don’t keep things bottled up - let it out we’re all here x

Always a dog person myself and my future wife cat's, so we had 3 cats. There is something Karma about stroking a purring cats that's snuggled in your arms.

Get both!!!

If you would be able to look after a dog it would be a great idea to get one. I’ve always had dogs and sadly lost one when I had the car accident that got me my BI. I was in coma and didn’t find out my dog had died til I woke up. It was the worst news ever he was only 5 and healthy so that made it worse. My mum told me I’d get another dog from being a pup and right then I couldn’t have cared less if I never saw another dog never mind had another. I agreed tho as I knew in time I probably would want another. 2 month later I arrived back home after an appointment to find my mum carrying a pup. She and my nan had got it for me as a surprise I had been talking about getting a pup soon so was ready and the timing was great. I’d only recently started walking again so having a pup really helped me I had never fell but still made sure I didn’t walk too near to my pup just in case I did fall I didn’t want to risk hurting him. He gave me reason to go out to take him for walks and have me something good to focus on. Was hard picking a name for him as Max is my favourite boy dog name and that was the name of dog I’d just lost so that name was best avoided for now, but Jack suited him so jack it was.

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