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Fatigue tips

So my brain haemorrhage was over 10 years ago. I have a limited use of the left side of my body no use in my left arm, vision problems, balance and walking difficulties etc

I i’m finding myself struggling very much with fatigue at the moment I have tried cutting down on caffeine and I’m going to bed earlier I am trying to eat healthier this is not necessarily going so well...... as I can never be bothered to cook so order a takeaway! I don’t work and I’m currently stay at home mum with my beautiful daughter who’s just turned one!

So because I have have a young child I do not have time for a nap during the day! If she does nap herself I have to use that time to do any housework etc

I have a wonderful husband but he works long hours and usually out of the house by 8 AM and sometimes not home until 8 PM that evening he also works weekends.

Any tips of how to manage fatigue I have thought about nursery but unfortunately we can’t afford that till she gets her free hours when she turns three, and we do not qualify for the free hours when she is 2

Any tips please

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This willl be a demanding time for you both physically & psychologically. I can remember being constantly exhausted long after the birth of each of my children, and with no brain injury to blame back then. So living with the persistent after-effects of a bleed whilst caring for an infant is bound to be a big challenge.

But honestly m'dear, you need to grab that time when your baby girl is taking a nap to rest yourself, and get into the routine of doing so in order to set up an official period of rest. If the housework suffers ............so what ? Your health is more important and before long you'll be able to sit your daughter in a playpen or bouncer whilst you chat to her from the other side of the ironing board or vacuum cleaner.

This period in your life will pass all too quickly so don't miss it in a haze of tiredness & stress. And if the place isn't as tidy as it might be you can blame that flipping Cat on Headway ! xx


I haven’t had a haemorrhage (my dad has, which is why I’m on this forum), but I am a stay at home Mum of two children (1 and 3). I am lucky enough to have no health problems, but being a parent is completely exhausting. Especially if children aren’t sleeping well. I can’t even imagine what that’s like post brain haemorrhage. I am in awe of what you’re doing - you sound like an incredible Mum.

Sleep is so important, I would prioritise that over everything else. Could you skip on a couple of takeaways a week and get a cleaner instead? Even just for a few months? It definitely gets easier as children get older so getting past the next few months with a bit of extra sleep could really help.

I have found that batch cooking food at the weekend when my husband is home is a real help. Also, I have go to meals that I don’t have to think about - jacket potatoes for example - so that I can make food cheaply and easily with a one year old hanging off me. There are lots of tips on this on parenting sites.

I also find that it helps to get out and see other mums. Kids are so entertained by other kids so it’s usually and easy hour or so. Fresh air can work wonders too and seems to revive me when naps are eluding them!

I guess all I wanted to say is that you need to make rest for you a priority. A well rested mummy is what babies need. They don’t need very much at all when they’re little. Just cuddles and love mostly.

I think you’re doing an amazing job xx

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That is so lovely to hear thank you hope your dads doing okay now x


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