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Hi gang.

It’s been a little while since I made a post.

This post isn’t related to soap operas/dramas like Coronation street or anything :).

This particular post is about Primal Suds soap and how excellent they are.

First of all, they come in small, recyclable box... no plastic to add to the already clogged up oceans.

Second of all, each flavour/type or whatever you want to call it is completely different. Each bar of soap is made from coconut oil, contains essential oils and has added seeds for exfoliating the skin. Some of the soaps have clay in them as well.

I usually buy one bar a week and I use less plastic bottles now which I used for face wash. I do believe Primal Suds are working on making a shampoo/conditioner as well so that will be even less plastic in the ocean :).

These soaps make you feel really clean too. My skin on my face has been quite dry and flaky but Primal Suds helps out a lot. It doesn’t clear out my skin completely but it does a far better job than the bottle face wash did.

The soap can stain the area the bathbut can easily be washed away.

I love this stuff :).

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sounds good where can I buy soap, I am in central scotland

Matt2584 in reply to elaine2


You can buy these soaps online at or is it I forget :).

Iam lucky because there is a shop where I live in South England called Paula’s Vegan Bakery and she buys these soaps and sells them at her shop.

thanks matt2584

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