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Ruby Wax - Frazzled tour

For many years I used to find Ruby Wax used to portray the typical image of an American woman - loud, brash, in your face etc.

I saw an article where she described the psychological issues she had over the years and how these had affected her life and influenced her public persona and she was going to take a University degree to understand more about the causes of mental health and how the brain works.

Post degree she got a Master and a Doctorate and started speaking publicly about how the brain becomes injured, the development of neuro pathways, plasticity and mental health, She is really, really good about it, and speaks not only from her learning but also personal experience in a non accademic way. If I had a choice between all the NeuroPsychologists, I have seen and Ruby Wax I would plump for her.

Anyway the subject of the post is that Ruby Wax has a UK tour where she has a public performance on her new theme of "frazzled" and mindfulness. I haven't seen the show yet and just about managed to get 2 tickets in a local theatre and they all seem to be nearly sold out. It may be of interest to some of the forum members.


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Hi there, Jules here

trying to get hsband to look for tickets - i grew up with adoring Ruby Wax, it sounds really interesting tour - i think she will speak a lot of sence.

Hope i can see her.

Thanks for telling Us (might see you there !)




Coming all the way down to Swansea :-)

TBH, I was surprised how quick her shows have sold out. The one in Cardiff went very quickly.

I didn't think it was a subject a lot of people would find interesting but apparently it looks very popular.

Be interesting to see what you think of the show - hope you can get tickets

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Ahh me too - i think 'ordinary' (sorry!) people will be interested because shes like a vintage thing isnt she... an icon (ish).

I wish i had seen David Bowie in concert before he left us - noyt that i put he up there with him - its just he was also something very special in 'my' time that gave my brain a lot of pleasure.

Will let you know if i get tickets.

Hey, heres a thing, i wonder if the producers would have known so many people in the audience would have a brain injury ?

I have just finished a days work from home and my brain is a little strange at the moment, forgive !

Confused Jules


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I've always admired Ruby Wax and believed her to be a thoughtful, intelligent and witty female beneath all the protective bluster. Her interview of the odious O.J.Simpson was priceless, especially her 'vomiting' gestures when he wasn't looking.

I'm a bit confused Sos ; the nearest theatre for me is Stockport, but the description of seats mentions best view of screen ..................think I need to phone them. xx


The story of her and Trump is quite funny .... won't spoil it for you :-)

The ticketing system is dreadful, it took me ages to find out what seats were available in each section or any at all.


Tell me now Sos ....................Please ! x


Several years ago, Wax was interviewing Trump on his private plane and came out with "One day I am going to be President". Ruby Wax laughed etc. Trump called his pilot to land at the nearest airport and kicked her off the plane!

Some of her comments on him since have been really funny


Thanks for that. Just been on YouTube to watch it ; R.W. is so adept at winding up pig-headed morons like Trump in similar style to Louis Theraux where the 'innocent/naïve' approach can both disarming and infuriating. xx


Thanks for posting this. I will try to get ticket to see her in London in June


The are going really quick ......


the reason being, she's holding interviews on tv everywhere locally, and within minutes tickets are selling out!! I'm on a waiting list!


Weird but I once bumped in to her in a little market town outside Winchester where apparently she's a regular face. Dunno if she lives there (place unmentionable) or otherwise has close friends. My goodness, she was hilarious in the 80's, and now she's doing a fantastic job campaigning for mental health and mindfulness.

Thanks S for the link, I might see if she's performing down here.


Southampton fully booked but Poole has plenty - don't if it is too far


I'm on Southampton's waiting list, Poole is far too far. London would be closer probably but I don't do London. Hate crowds and noise, and dirt, and ant hills!!! Ugh.


Ruby wax probably wouldn't appeal to me, but has she had a BI at some stage?


For years she never appealed to me but the first time I heard her talk about BI and plasticity my opinion changed. She was really articulate and presented it well.

After concealing it for years she was accidentally "outed" by Comic Relief


Hi sospan,

Thanks for the tip! I Googled Ruby Wax you tube and there are many segments there that people may want to view.

She has admirably pushed herself to raise awareness and break down barriers for those who experience mental health issues.




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