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Chickenpox and immunosuppression

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Hi just after some advice regarding chickenpox and immunosuppression. My partner is on immunosuppressants after a kidney transplant. I've read it's dangerous for anyone to be around chickenpox if they are immunosuppressed. My nephew has chickenpox at the moment and there is a family meal arranged for Easter Sunday . He is unlikely to be still contagious by Sunday but his little sister hasn't developed symptoms yet but may well do before Sunday.

My question is this. Is it possible for me to pass on the virus to my partner even if I don't show symptoms. I have had chickenpox and my partner thinks he has too. So far I've avoided visiting my sister and her family to be on the safe side . My partner doesn't intend on going for the meal but I would like to if it isn't dangerous for him.

Does any one have any ideas or advice about this?

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Yes, we have been told that too. Also our local vet said it is dangerous to touch a dog that has just had a flea treatment.

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Thanks Exhaustedwife. I read that if he was in direct contact with someone , he would have to have a vaccination. I don't know whether that goes for me being in contact (I haven't been since I knew my nephew was ill.)

Even if your husband has had chicken pox, because he is immunosuppressed he will have lost his immunity to chicken pox. So yes he does need to stay away from anyone that has chicken pox. I think the incubation period before the spots develop is about 10 days so yes he should stay away from the sibling as well in case she is getting it. Whether you can transfer it to him if you have contact with the child with chicken pox, I am not sure, you would be best to find that out from the doctors or specialist nurses that have followed him up after his kidney transplant.

Thanks StrawberryCream. Yes he wasn't going to go anyway because we thought it would be much more possible for him to get shingles. It's just whether it's safe for me to go or not really, but think I'll need to ask the experts. Thanks again :)

He wouldn't get shingles he would get chicken pox again because his body will have lost its immunity so it's like he hasn't had it before.

Yes of course. I'm going to look for some advice from the specialists because the issue is mainly whether me having contact could affect him. I work in a shop and have little children popping in with all sorts of infections all the time, but that is a different level of contact of course. We've been quite successful so far at avoiding things. :)

Hi, I have just read this and late to reply, but yes to keep away from Chickenpox. I have known someone get Shingles and recover, and someone else get Shingles and be left with serious problems due to being immunosuppressed.

It is impossible to avoid every risk situation as you cannot avoid life completely. Suffice to say just do what you can. Visit friends and relatives when they are recovered. Hope your Easter went ok though xxxx

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