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Dads haemorage 7wks in

Hi, I'm new to this group and will be contacting headway for guidance tomorrow. Dad suffered a catastrophic ich 7 weeks ago. He's able to move but his speech is so slurred it's difficult to understand most of what he says. He doesn't realise there is anything wrong, he's hallucinating and getting very frustrated and angry. Difficult to know how to answer his questions that we dont understand and how to connect with him. He doesn't retain any information and won't cooperate. He's still in hospital and waiting for a bed in a rehab hospital. This is delayed due to a fall which has pulled his peg out of his Stomach. Such a sad time at the moment.

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Was he creative at all prior to everything? Could you play pictionary or ask him to write down his thoughts etc.? Or if you are creative could you make a book with lots of pictures in like a glass or a toilet or pictures of family etc so he can point to you and then you could repeat the word to help him. You have to think outside the box I have found as a gf of someone with bi. I found making something that could be used in rehab for my bf very relieving for me as it made me feel like I was doing something to help when 99.9% of recovery is out of your control.

Hope this provides some ideas and good luck xx


Sorry your dad is struggling right now Boo. As Solus suggests, familiar images, figures & letters, (white-boards are useful) might help you communicate. Also photos and his favourite music can be reassuring and inspiring for someone disorientated.

And physical contact, together with soothing familiar voices, will all help to ease his troubled brain.

This is early days for any type of brain injury, so maybe think in terms of months rather than weeks for signs of progress.

Best wishes to your family, for better days ahead............ Cat x


booboo1971 there are 3 methods of communication you could try:

1 ask him to speak slowly

2 write it down on paper

3 use a picture board

hope this helps.

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