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What do you tell the children

My daughter was 6 when she found me convulsing on the bathroom floor, she ran down stairs shouting call an ambulance, my wife had to leave her with a neighbour and when she returned she told her the one and only untruth, that I would survive

I think I would have felt the need to protect her but my wife, a head teacher took the opposite approach and told her everything, I have to say it worked.

So she learned about the brain and how it can bleeding and rewiring occurring over time, so she understood it would take a long time before the dad she knew returned.

Before her A levels she was going to be a Neuropsychologist, however she's taken a totally different path at Uni and loving it.

It wasn't all easy, as after my bleed I was unable to interact with her in the same way, when she was 7 I can vividly remember her asking "Do you not love me anymore".

Tough but we both survived and by again explaining plasticity it help her a lot. Kids can be remarkable if they're not confused.

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How true, children have a great deal more sense than we give them credit for. Lying to them just causes more and more lies and more and more confusion. Best to give them a sensible explanation that they can understand.


Absolutely, always the truth, theyy deserve that and can deal with it more than the betrayal of a lie.

So glad for you all and such a lovely story xxx


Janet xx


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