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Job interview

Hello everyone, I have a job interview this week via skype. I was wondering should I tell the potential employer about my BI. It does not really disturb me in my current role, but I cannot predict the future. I do not want to be lying. I want to be honest but I also do not want to scare the future managers. I know there are many good candidates for the job so that why I want to be competitive. What do you all think I should do? What do you advise?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Iwona

I personally don't think I can advise one way or the other because it is a decision you and your conscience need to be ok with. There are pro's and cons to both as there is no knowing how the employing organisation will respond. Personally I am someone who's honesty would make me say but if we then don't get the job I guess our assumption would be that it was the BI that was the problem .....although it might not be because as you state 'there are a good many candidates' and so they are going to select the best. You say that your bi does not cause you any problems in your current role so if you did tell them then you can counterbalance with explaining that. Plus I am thinking your current employer would have had to provide a reference and so would highlight any limitations. Is it a similar type of job role or are there different responsibilities that you think may challenge your bi problems? I can't recall how your bi was caused so am puzzled as to why you are concerned about bi problems being worse in the future? I need to read your profile and understand that concern but if I do that now I will lose all my response and have to start again! So sorry I will send this then take a look.


i would merely say to start off you have been off sick for a while and see how they react and take it from there.


I agree with you strawberry cream, its as though iwona is trying to talk herself out of a chance of securing the position.


Thank you for your reply. I had a brain hemorghage that broke. I did not know about it until it actually broke. I had life saving surgery the day after and it worked really well. I have been 6 months on medical leave and the returned to my home office job. Ima project manager so this comes with some time in front of the screen. I went back to work no problem but I kept my home office. I do not know how I will be if I have to go to the office everyday. There are days I get dizzy and this makes me struggle to keep balance, so walking and the whole mobility thing is a problem still. But the work is computer based and I do not have a problem with that. I could mention I had a home office in my previous roles but I actually dont know how this way of working is treated in the uk. Any advise on that?


I am not sure what to advise

You mention having a home office does this mean you work from home

Will you be able to work in an office environment

If you are the best person for the job employers can make the workplace adaptable for you as long as they are aware of your problems

best wishes


Tell them. Tick the box that says 'I consider myself to gave a disability' and explain how it affects you and how you manage it. Make sure they understand what limitations (if any) you have in a work environment, what changes would deal with those, and also what advantages having you as a disabled person on their team would bring - e.g. you might be able to work with them to improve their offer to people with disabilities. If they can see you have turned your BI into a positive on a personal front and can use it positively in a work environment too, then they have nothing to lose.

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Iwona, I'm not clear on what 'home office' entails ; I can only suppose it means you work for the company but at your own home rather than on their premises ?

I'm not sure it's common practice here in UK although I've heard the expression 'I'm working from home today'.

It's a difficult one isn't it. I don't believe everyone gives their health history when applying for a job and there are many other conditions which are likely to flare up and cause problems, although the brain is the most essential organ.

I think it's such a personal decision, and opinion will be very divided, but I can see that although there's a good case for giving the facts of your BI, there's nothing immoral about omitting them ............except if you are asked directly if you've had any serious illnesses, in which case you really must tell them.

Sorry that's a pretty useless reply ; just wanted you to know I've thought about it a lot today, but maybe it can only be decided by 'gut feeling'.

Good luck Iwona. I know this is so important to you. Love Cat xxx


Hi Cat, home office means you are full time employed but working from your own home, so you assumed well :) I had my interview and I did not mention that. The conversation was not really going that way and also I thought of that like Im thinking about the migrenes Im getting sometimes. This makes me completely not able to work while my condition now sometimes makes impossible to be on places. This should not be a problem if I have a chance to show Im loyal and hard working actually. As you said I actually rely on this "gut feeling". I will see how it goes :)


Hope you'll come to a decision which gives you peace of mind Iwona and, whatever that is, I hope all turns out well. xxx

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Hi I wins

It is a difficult question but I think that if you are asked directly about your health answer honestly.

If they don't ask don't bring it up. Once working if any health issues arise hopefully they can be addressed and accomodated.

Good luck xx

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If it is important to you to mention it, then do so.

Make clear the limitations it may cause for you in the potential job and demonstrate how you manage those times. Examples are good.

That way there are no surprises for anyone involved and your conscience is clear.

As an interviewer, your determination would impress me.

As your potential boss I would just have to make sure your organising skills and ability to multi-task on the project in order to keep it running to time and on budget wouldn't be affected - or could have the support in the background if you hit a low spot.

Good luck!

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When I first read your message, it sounded like you had made a complete recovery and so there was no need to tell your employer - a relapse might happen, but then employers have the risk that anybody could get ill at any time.

However, you now say you have some difficulty still with walking and balance. If you're going to be working from home where this isn't an issue, that's fine, but, if you have to travel every day, you may have some problems.

If you mention it, your potential employer is likely to not want to employ you, unless you are by far the best candidate in every other way and/or there would be advantages for him to employ someone who is officially "disabled", but whose work is unlikely to be affected too much.

On the other hand, if you don't mention it, it would be unfair on the employer, since there is a possibility that you might find it too difficult to get to the office.

On balance, I think I'd mention it, but say something like "I feel I've made a complete recovery, except for some current dizziness and balance problems when walking which don't affect my work at the computer". If you make it to the interview without falling over or appearing dizzy or disoriented, you can point out that you made it there, so it's not something which should affect your work.


Employers shouldn't ask at interview stage about health/disability legally that is.

I've always mentioned it in my CV and or covering letter (dyslexia)

If you don't mention it at some point, employers can't take reasonable steps, should you find you need them.

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It's always best to be honest and bring things out into the open.


Hi, I just had an interview. I did not mention my BI because Im not declared disabled and I decided to think about it like about migrenes. I know it is not the same but still I never heard of anyone sharing the details of medical situation. I do not know whether I be able to be everyday in the office but I would not know if I did not try, so I will give it a go. It is hard to say how the interview went, it was nice demanding though but at some points I felt the recruiter is not really interested in what kind of person I am. Mostly I was getting qurstions how I handle stress and how Im resolving problems. This was one hour meeting based only on this. This was my second meeting with this employer and I hope I'll hear from them again. Thank you all for your comments :)

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Fingers crossed for you

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Hi Iwona,

If its mentioned or asked of you I think you have to be honest in your answers. Hope it all goes well. Nick X

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Hi Iwona, it's a difficult decision for you to make!

Personally I think you'll possibly lay yourself open to discrimination!

Questions - are you confident you can do the job if offered it? If yes, don't say anything at Interview.

You will then be on the same starting block as other Candidates being interviewed.

If you feel capable are and ready for the change and move then go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What concerns me is that you say it's a Skype Interview! - the person you see on your computer, may not even be from who or where you think they are! There are a lot of villains on the Internet - what if you are offered the job while being skyped!

They may ask for bank details, address etc for Payroll Dept, HR whatever they call it these days! - all manner of personal information!

have you received anything by post re the interview. I think I remember you posting last week about going for a job interview which will mean a move to a different part of the country!

Where did you see the vacancy advertised initially? Have you checked the company name out online?

I just advise that you proceed with one hell of a lot of Caution!

Sambs x


I would keep that stuff to the medical section of the application....comes after the interview That way it sits with HR and the share of information can be better managed. If you had a long period of absence you may need to explain simply and only the basics that you had this injury (sorry I do not know the details of how you got your BI and you do not need to tell them too much either at this stage) but that you are now back at work and it has not interfered with your ability to carry out the duties in your current role. If you should need some adjustments in your new role you would be covered. If you say nothing it may be harder to explain and request help at a later date. Medical clearance usually comes after the interview once the post has been offered subject to checks and references... Good Luck with the interview


OOps I see I have come to this conversation too late... In the UK you do not have be 'classified' as disabled...you can however self identify as having a disability. Once this has been declared you cannot be discriminated against due to your disability and must be given equal opportunities within the workplace arena


I wouldn't tell them. There are laws in place that stop companies discriminating against the disabled, but people are still people and it might affect their decision.

Tell them when you have a few months under your belt at the workplace once you've proven what a good employee you are.


iwona084 usually the only people who have work from home days as opposed week are senior managers.

you say you suffer migranes, is it migrane or could you do with wearing ( if you don't already ) specs ? because staring at a flickering screen for 8hrs or more can cause eye strain followed by headaches.

you need to look at your issues, will you be able to do do a full week or would it be

helpful to phase it in gradually?

good luck

as you may see I have good days and bad.....I see a psychiatrist and a neuropsychiatrist. I have an appointment with a new psychiatrist on the 29/2 which scares the hell out of me, but at least my wife will be with me.....but both the neuro and old psychiatrist said because of the part of my brain that was damaged when I had my stroke, I am what im going to be !!!

too late I know but I will apologise for my comments, this is only the second time ive let rip on here , the other time was a trolley dolly who was complaining because she had to wear a patch over one eye, which didn't do much for her looks.

hope the interview goes well and welcome to the forum.

steve x

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