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It has eventually come, the letter arrived on Christmas Eve the people are coming to our home on the 3rd of January for the interview. Should I sit them in the kitchen/dinning room or the lounge, surely not the bedroom. Any suggestions will be appreciated. ?

I hope you have all had a restful Christmas and are preparing for the New Year. With Best Wishes Liz xx

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Hi Liz, at last the time to present your case.

I would use the room you are most comfortable in, these people do not need refreshments or any such thing, so don’t feel the need to welcome them with anything, they are not there for a social visit.

Don’t be intimidated or in any way apologetic, this is your life just tell it as it is, warts and all.

It seems an invasion of privacy in your own home but that is what it is your own home, your safe place, and they should respect that. Just remember to explain worst instances, not the times when you see some improvement or they will assume that happens more frequently than it maybe does.

You are entitled to this don’t feel guilty about the need to claim it.

My thoughts will be with you

Janet x


Thank you so much your words are so encouraging Liz x


Hi Liz.

I would agree choose the room that you feel comfortable and suits your needs best.

It is you they are coming to see and it is not a social visit so do not need entertaining.

Have someone to support you and if you are planning on offering them a drink then if possible have another friend as well so you are not left alone to feel intimidated.

Be honest with them and let them know this.

But most importantly good luck and try and relax.

Pax x

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Again many thanks to you, I have told my husband not to leave me alone so maybe the kitchen is the best place. Stupid being worried about what room to use. Liz x


I would always opt for the kitchen Liz ; it has more formal seating and might feel less intrusive than in your sitting room. As Janet & Pax have said, always present the worst scenario of your days as these people are trained to exploit the slightest sign of strength.

Good luck for the 3rd m'love............ Cat xx


Thanks Cat, I had decided to sit them in the kitchen / dinning room as it’s a comfy room to be in. I am feeling so anxious but I suppose it’s normal. Thank you so much for for all the advice and I will keep you updated. Unfortunately I have a rotten cold and cough which does not help. Again my Thanks Love Liz x


I'm sorry to say that they made me feel like a fraud and don't understand bi . I was at my worst and got nothing , don't feel guilty and fight back honey when they refuse you , I wish I had .

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