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Specialist and Results

Hi i have had a Shunt in my Head since 1974 have had it replaced Five times since, The last one was in 2000 and have had lots of problems sine like Headaches on and off more times on as well also get a Burning sensation around the Shunt Scare and have been feeling Sick as well,I went for a Check up a Week ago and told the Specialist and he said that from my Scan results he thinks the Sickness is caused by Pieces of old shunts that got left in my Head as it would have been to dangerous to try to remove them and also that causes the soreness around the Scare as well, i can cope with these little problems now but i had never been told this before

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Hmm. That sounds a bit scary. I have never been told this either. I had my first Shunt in 1987 and have had 4 revisions.


I could well imagine that a shunt may not come out in it's entirety. i'm slightly surprised that it would cause soreness etc, since the brain etc doesn't feel pain, it processes it but has no way of feeling it it's self.

but possibly the shunt is closer more to the edge ie more the skull etc. and frankly i'm not a brain surgeon!


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