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Let it go ????

Hi, no im not wanting to burst into song lol, just wanted some of your thoughts on my situation as it feels as though someone has pressed replay and the same thoughts just keep going on & on & on.

Last year while in hospital with SAH my daughter was told I had infection in my brain as a drain had been left in to long, unknown to my family the infection was in fact meningitis, this led to me going into a coma 19 days & resulting in left front lobe damage. The only reason I knew this was in rehab I read it in my file, the staff were not happy with me said I wasnt allowed to read my file, and when I asked about the 'meningitis' I was told I had an infetion due to serious bleed in my brain (annerysm rupture) which was coiled and occluded & I was lucky to be alive.

I knew what I had read,even my family was not aware what infection I had causing me to think what was there to hide & why they had not been informed.

Anyway I pull through all this but my new way of thinking goes on & on so in the end im doubting myself, after all ive got brain damage & nobody wants to say anything so maybe I imagined it?? To cut a long story short I requested my hospital notes & there it is in black & white 'I developed meningitis'. How I dont know as there are 922 pages in total, I had them looked at and news is it couldnt be helped due to the seriousness of SAH, but im still none the wiser how it happend and why it was so hush hush. It just keeps going on & on playing in my head. Do 'I LET IT GO' or get 2nd opinion. I go to the hospital once week to attend Brain injury, and few people have had same procedure as me without getting meningitis.

Sorry for going on but what do I do????

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I think you need to get a second opinion for your peace of mind.

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Unfortunately Samm, sometim s and here is no reason as to why you would get meningitis and others with exactly the same, although no 2 SAHs are likely to be the same, would not.

Just as why did it get viral encephatis and I was the only one, if it's caused by a virus why me and not my husband or children or colleagues.

But you need peace of mind so seek out a second opinion, but you know there is no reason, it is life and we have to play the hand we are dealt.

Take care

Janet xx


Always best be safe than sorry huni, I’d get it checked out xx


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